Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ali Pali, bits bought and made

On Sunday I went with my Monday group of ladies to Alexandra Palace for the 'Knitting and Stitching show'.  I had never been to Ali Pali before, but what a wonderful venue it is.  Unfortunately for us the coach couldn't drop us at the entrance,  so we had a quick (but long) dash to the door and as it was pouring with rain there was no time to take in the views, but by the time we left the rain had stopped and I was able to take in the stunning vista of the London sky line - and what wonderful views you would have on a clear day.  I never realised before just how high the palace stood  and what a great position it holds over London.  Next time I visit, my camera will certainly go with me.  The show was quite nice with a good mix of stands.  I didn't buy very much, but it was fun wandering around with friends and climbing back into the coach to be chauffeured  home.

The weather has been getting a bit chilly on some days, so I thought I would make myself some more fingerless mitts as I did find them very useful last year.   Originally I  thought they would be a waste of time because it's my fingers that get really cold, but I made them last year and wore them about the house. They are really great.... you can carry on doing everything you want because your fingers are free (and warm)......washing the dishes ends up a bit messy but for the rest they are great!
This year I bought some variegated wool (from Alexandra Palace) rather than keep changing colours with each row, and must admit that works well ....... what do you think!

Now its time to play at a new craft.  I am not sure if I have told you, but I fancied trying needle felting, and when we were at 'Yarndale' there were a number of people selling all the materials - so how could I resist! Especially as the demonstrators made the 'art' of needle felting look so easy.  Let me tell you its not easy, for a start those needles are really sharp, and can so easily get poked into your fingers instead of the wool! Secondly it takes ages to get any shape at all, but do I give up.........NO!

So here is my first attempt at a gnome.. I have to tell  you its a gnome just in case you don't recognise him.

He is cute, but not sure I am going into production.

And last but not least I have been making some new patchwork blocks, this one was found here.  I can't tell you what it is for as I am on a secret mission preparing for Christmas but I can show you the block.

The photos were taken indoors as our weather has been very grey lately, so you have to excuse them.

Quilted in white thread

This one is quilted in a variegated thread 

We are visiting friends this weekend and they live near to Hampton Court Palace so we often walk along the river taking in the sites, but this weekend is raining again, so not sure we will be out and about much - still, good company and good food is not a bad consolation is it?

See you next time

Monday, 14 October 2013

Going, going, gone

As promised just a few photos of my 'undoing'

Just getting started
and now
Winding the rope back will be a task
and finally...
Ready to start again..

Back to the drawing board with this lot.......

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Time just flies when your having fun..

Oh my where had the time gone..... I can't believe its been two weeks since I was at the Yarndale festival, but I can tell you the weather has definitely changed in the last few days and Autumn has really settled in, jumpers out and heating on.

What have I been up to..... not a lot actually.  I am making a few Christmas (go wash my mouth out for mentioning that word ) gifts, so I can't show you those, but I have finished one of  my little balls that I bought in kit from Yarndale.

Its been a while since I last did a Fairisle pattern

No 2 in the making 
they were fun to make, but I won't be going into production.

I have been playing with this

50 mts of rope

Yep! pinterest has got me into trouble again........ a friend saw this  and could I resist....... you know me too well, I offered to make it for her, it all started well

foundation row
and carried on for a bit

Think its getting a bit tight at the ends

I am not a perfectionist but I couldn't let it curl at both ends so...... I unravelled it

how neat are those ends now
I started again and managed to get the ends to lay nice and flat, but this basket didn't seem stable, I just hoped that once I started on the sides it would stiffen up .......forever hopeful

The plasters were needed as I was trying to crochet so tightly I was wearing my fingers out
I couldn't see how the sides were going to stand up by themselves once they were 10" to 12" tall no matter how tightly I tried to crochet, and the base would need something (possibly plywood) in the bottom, so
after much soul searching I decided to crochet to the end of the ball (shown in the photo) and go for a second opinion. I hate to be beaten by things, but I really didn't know where to go with this.  I think the original basket that was on Pinterest was a lot smaller, half the size in fact, and the sides may have stood to attention for the photo shoot, and once filled with wool the wool would keep the baskets shape.  I loved the idea of this being a 'Moses' basket for a baby and enjoyed trying something new.........but at the end of the day the vote has been cast and its the end of the road for this baby, and as my friend provided the rope and the yarn she has the pleasure of the unravelling.....hope she sends photos.

I've also been lucky enough to be given lots of  cooking apples, and, as they make my favourite pie, I have been busy baking.  This morning I made 4 apple pies, now nicely wrapped and frozen, and also 2 apple cakes.
I used to make an apple cake years ago, so had a go at that again...

Looks Yummy
tasted good too.   I then did my usual thing and searched the internet for another apple cake recipe and came up with one that added Almond extract and flaked Almonds on top.......yummy  

Can you spot the mistake???
Yep! forgot the flaked Almonds ...what an idiot,- still, I am sure it will taste good.

Last, but definitely not least, I won a give-away Yeah!
Kate from http://bythebabblingbrooke.blogspot.co.uk/  had a give-a-way, she even gave you a choice of gift if you won, so I chose a foundation pieced needle case ...not dreaming I would win, but my number came up and it arrived last week.  As well as the needlecase kit, Kate made me a tissue holder for my handbag. I think it will go very nicely with this bag that I made a few weeks ago

Lucky Me!

Tomorrow I am off to the 'knit and stitch' at Alexandra Palace so I hope to see some new things that I need (like I need 'a hole in the head'!!)....but its all a bit of fun.

Happy Sewing