Sunday, 31 January 2016

December/ January Mini Mania Challenge

Mini Mania time again......In December, because there is such a lot going on for most people we decided that we would give ourselves two  months to complete the December mini and now its time to reveal all.  As you may remember our quest this time was a sampler quilt, which had to have at least 9 blocks and to be no bigger that 20" x 20".  Once again I am going to patch all of my mini's into a large quilt at the end of the year, so knowing this I have used 16 sampler blocks.

Part of the fun in making these quilts is sorting through scraps to see what can be made.....

This is me being tidy with my scrap

Then I had to choose my blocks.... the first one I chose was flying geese

Yes I like it
on a roll
I'm like it even more 
I thought I was cracking on until I met this block....

Phew!  this one nearly drove me crazy
Believe it or not it took me about 5 hours to make this fiddly little devil.  I think it was all the teeny weeny pieces.

Eventually all blocks were done......

15 done and dusted

I needed one more block and for the life of me couldn't find one that I wanted to use,  I then remembered a swap group I used to play with ..... we used to swap 3.5" blocks, so after sorting through hundreds loads I found the cups  made by Silort and as the cups worked with my colours I added them.  If you have a few hours to waste, go and have a look at the swap group and see how brilliant the ladies are,....just remember the blocks are all 3.5" square.

Anyway back to my quilt... I added sashing and the borders

Ready to quilt
and finally

Tah Dah!!!
All of the groups  quilt can be seen here.

Whats coming next month???????  Tomorrow all with be revealed.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Two weeks into the dreaded "lurgy" and needless to say I am beginning to think I am over the worst of it and beginning to feel human again. YEAH!

Last Monday it was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, and as I had felt ill for a week I was about to agree.  Then the postman arrived and delivered an unexpected parcel..........

From America
 This parcel was from my friend Dee.  Dee lives in America and I met her through flickr, which for you that don't know is a photo sharing group that has a number of specific groups i.e. quilting etc.  I joined in September 2009 and that Christmas someone organised a 'secret Santa swap' and Dee was my Santa.  Since then we have kept in touch and even met up on a couple of occasions when Dee and her hubby visited the U.K.  I am always amazed that you can become such good friends when we hardly ever see each other, but friends we are.

Now just look at what I received....

What a haul
There were 4 charm packs, 16 fat quarters, and the little pot holder (which incidentally was the shoo fly mini that I gave our Mini Mania group  back in June.....how special is that?).  Needless to say my Monday was greatly improved, and I cannot understand what I have done to deserve all of this!

I havent done much in the last week or so, as my brain would not allow me to concentrate, but there may be a couple of things that I can show you.

At Christmas I received a kit from Sue Hawkins   I greatly admire her work, its just so neat.  I am almost finished it, just a few more stitches.

It will be a scissor keeper

and I am getting some embroidery ready for my holiday.........not that I have done much of this, just added  pen to paper..

Cute isn't she?

I think this weekend will see us getting suitcases down from the loft, and if the weather is good a nice walk would be a treat

See you next time..  

Sunday, 17 January 2016

From the sick bay

This will certainly be a quick post.  I have caught one of these awful viruses and with each day I think this will be the turning point and I will feel better, but as yet that t hasn't happened....Boo Hoo!   I have even been trying some old fashioned home remedies ....any port in a storm as they say.

Lemons, Ginger, and honey, ready to make into tea.

Feeling sorry for myself and coughing my heart up doesn't get much crafting done, but I have finally finished my second red bauble.   I must have waited about 10 years for this day..Yeah!

They are a little bigger than the original, 

Just before I caught this bug I had crocheted a few snowflakes (prep. for next Christmas), but, fool that I am, I gave them to a friend before taking photos so I only have this one to show you.

Its about 4" across, and hard as a rock with the glue that stiffened it.

We woke this morning to a winter wonderland, I usually would have loved a walk but today I am giving that a miss......that just shows how sick I feel.   Still enough of that, tomorrow will be the beginning of my return to normal ( I hope).

The view that I awoke to.   Taken from my bed.

So pretty

Keep well and keep warm X

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year xx

Happy New Year to you all.  I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you health, wealth and happiness for 2016.

We spent Christmas in Yorkshire, and as most of you know the north was suffering from all the rain we have been having, but our journey was uneventful, thank goodness.

Christmas morning is very relaxed (most of us still in P.J.'s) and gifts shared around.

Lots of teenage clothes under wraps...
Christmas Day and Boxing day we were kept home because the heavens still wanted to drown us, but on the 27th we girls had a trip to Leeds to see if there were any bargains in the sales, and on the 28th we took the chance to walk along the river to Bolton Abbey.  The river was really flowing at a speed and you could see where it had overflowed in the last couple of days.  

I don't think I have ever seen the river this high 

Such a pretty walk.
I have to say I was very spoilt with gifts this year and there is no way I could show you them all, but isn't this one just the cutest.....

All the names of my grandchildren 
I had been growing my Amaryllis bulb for about 8 weeks, and I could see that it would flower over Christmas so it had to come north with me......... so glad I took it...

Its a beauty

Before Christmas I had been trying to make a particular patterned beaded bauble, well I finally cracked it.  The glass bauble was bigger than the original, so I had to add more stars around its girth, but think its a winner and now only have to make one more exactly the same .......just to even things out around the fire hearth.

Definitely time for a TAH DAH!!!
While I am busy beading, Mr D is getting on with his colouring.......anyone else get a colouring book this year??

Just look at the concentration

Till next time....happy crafting x x x