Sunday, 17 January 2016

From the sick bay

This will certainly be a quick post.  I have caught one of these awful viruses and with each day I think this will be the turning point and I will feel better, but as yet that t hasn't happened....Boo Hoo!   I have even been trying some old fashioned home remedies ....any port in a storm as they say.

Lemons, Ginger, and honey, ready to make into tea.

Feeling sorry for myself and coughing my heart up doesn't get much crafting done, but I have finally finished my second red bauble.   I must have waited about 10 years for this day..Yeah!

They are a little bigger than the original, 

Just before I caught this bug I had crocheted a few snowflakes (prep. for next Christmas), but, fool that I am, I gave them to a friend before taking photos so I only have this one to show you.

Its about 4" across, and hard as a rock with the glue that stiffened it.

We woke this morning to a winter wonderland, I usually would have loved a walk but today I am giving that a miss......that just shows how sick I feel.   Still enough of that, tomorrow will be the beginning of my return to normal ( I hope).

The view that I awoke to.   Taken from my bed.

So pretty

Keep well and keep warm X


  1. Ack...so sorry you are not well! Fluids, fluids, fluids!! Have Mr. D make you some chicken soup!! Hugs!

  2. I have a cold and am sneezing well!! Get better soon.

  3. Love the baubles Jo, they are so pretty.
    Get well soon. Take care.