Friday, 22 January 2016

Two weeks into the dreaded "lurgy" and needless to say I am beginning to think I am over the worst of it and beginning to feel human again. YEAH!

Last Monday it was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, and as I had felt ill for a week I was about to agree.  Then the postman arrived and delivered an unexpected parcel..........

From America
 This parcel was from my friend Dee.  Dee lives in America and I met her through flickr, which for you that don't know is a photo sharing group that has a number of specific groups i.e. quilting etc.  I joined in September 2009 and that Christmas someone organised a 'secret Santa swap' and Dee was my Santa.  Since then we have kept in touch and even met up on a couple of occasions when Dee and her hubby visited the U.K.  I am always amazed that you can become such good friends when we hardly ever see each other, but friends we are.

Now just look at what I received....

What a haul
There were 4 charm packs, 16 fat quarters, and the little pot holder (which incidentally was the shoo fly mini that I gave our Mini Mania group  back in June.....how special is that?).  Needless to say my Monday was greatly improved, and I cannot understand what I have done to deserve all of this!

I havent done much in the last week or so, as my brain would not allow me to concentrate, but there may be a couple of things that I can show you.

At Christmas I received a kit from Sue Hawkins   I greatly admire her work, its just so neat.  I am almost finished it, just a few more stitches.

It will be a scissor keeper

and I am getting some embroidery ready for my holiday.........not that I have done much of this, just added  pen to paper..

Cute isn't she?

I think this weekend will see us getting suitcases down from the loft, and if the weather is good a nice walk would be a treat

See you next time..  


  1. Hope to see on Monday at group if you are better.

  2. Well, that was worth opening the door to the postman for! What a haul!!!

    Hope you are feeling better now, its time to get ready for your hols

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  4. You don't need to do anything to deserve it....you're my pal!!