Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bike riding

We were supposed to have visitors this weekend, but at unfortunately a trapped nerve in the ladies back has stopped her travelling so we had the weekend free and decided to dust off the bikes and cycle along the Brampton Valley Way which runs between Northampton and Market Harborough (an old railway line).

Just look at that blue sky

We usually head for Northampton as there are a few nice 'resting places' (in other words Pubs) but today we headed in the opposite direction towards Market Harborough.  It's a really lovely ride through beautiful countryside, with birds singing, butterflies flitting, lots of wild flowers and a couple of very dark tunnels.

View towards Kelmarsh (or possibly Oxendon)

Oxendon Tunnel
Mr D was not very happy with me at this point, because I asked him to hold my bike (too lazy to walk around and put up the stand), and he obviously was off balance and slowly began to fall backwards into the black mud.......nothing hurt, just his pride.

 As you enter Market Harborough you cycle through a small park, so we chose  to end our journey here, sat on the grass and enjoyed a bit of sunshine. Neither of us could remember the last time we sat on the grass in a park without any children in tow, so we took the opportunity to take our very first 'selfie'. What a laugh that was, but if you can't act the fool at our age when can you do it.

Decided this one was a bit dark, so....

Couldn't stop laughing

 It's been a while since we have travelled this part of the cycle path, and they had add some lovely mosaics depicting the area.

Lovely to see this along the track

As we weren't stopping at the Pub for lunch I had made a nice healthy salad which made for a pleasant stop on our way back.

Tasted Yummy!

We really should do this more often.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

How time fly's

Goodness where have all the days gone??  Perhaps what has made time fly by is the fact that we have been away for one weekend, and this week we had family come to visit - men off to play golf while we ladies spend time sewing.

I have also received my mini quilt from my swap partner.  If you remember we could choose Log Cabin, Pin wheels, or Chinese Coins, and I made her this

and this is the mini my partner sent me.. a sampler of Log cabin blocks, and its just perfect.

measures 10" x !0"

So what has been happening in my world, not a lot actually but the sunshine has brought out the flowers.  

Love in the mist...I just love them peeking through the undergrowth

Last year this only had a couple of flower heads, but this year its beautiful

Sambucus nigra
The foxgloves have grown taller than the fence

 and the Peony's have given a bumper crop

With rain forecast I thought they would be battered down, so decided to cut them 

I have two vases full
At the end of May I showed you a 'wholecloth' quilt that I was going to add to and so far I have made these blocks to surround it 

Dresdon Plate

Flying Geese

Lone Starburst

Indian Summer 
I have another 12 of these 9" blocks and for the corners 8" blocks, so my thinking cap is on.   I hope to show you a few more next time.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Just look what I have done!

What have I been up to......well remember I did that 'Chalk paint' course?  Once I had done the course, I thought I could use the paint to freshen up our fridge as it has been looking quite sad lately, but after doing a bit more research I decided against this.  So, my next port of call was the local hardware store and spray paint was my chosen way to go.......

a bit shabby but not chic
this is the worst bit,

How does this happen.....!!

And just look at it now........

I really like it

Other things finished are my socks, and just in time for that cold snap that we had..

Love the  way the stripes come out

Have to say they are so toasty warm!
Found some more wool and look at what is happening as I knit along

Pretty don't you think

When I went to the Uttoxeter quilt show, we came across this lady her stand was something to drool over, and although I didn't buy a kit, I did buy some of her trims and decided to 'have a go' in a similar way to my "Glitzy Casket" that I made and blogged about in May.  Now, I have some laces that I have had for a number of years, and these laces are waiting for just the right project..... so out they came, and goodness it took me an absolute age to cut them up.

There is a lot more of this in a box on the floor
 Phew! the next few hours were spent adding, taking away, moving, and even cutting some of my precious lace....
 Once the lace was finally sewn into position, I added a couple bits and bobs by hand, cut the final shape and got ready to sew

This is the front/back
 Sewing it together was the easy bit...

 Zig Zag all the bits together and I am almost there


The socks and the box I am very happy with, but that fridge is thrilling......