Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Just look what I have done!

What have I been up to......well remember I did that 'Chalk paint' course?  Once I had done the course, I thought I could use the paint to freshen up our fridge as it has been looking quite sad lately, but after doing a bit more research I decided against this.  So, my next port of call was the local hardware store and spray paint was my chosen way to go.......

a bit shabby but not chic
this is the worst bit,

How does this happen.....!!

And just look at it now........

I really like it

Other things finished are my socks, and just in time for that cold snap that we had..

Love the  way the stripes come out

Have to say they are so toasty warm!
Found some more wool and look at what is happening as I knit along

Pretty don't you think

When I went to the Uttoxeter quilt show, we came across this lady her stand was something to drool over, and although I didn't buy a kit, I did buy some of her trims and decided to 'have a go' in a similar way to my "Glitzy Casket" that I made and blogged about in May.  Now, I have some laces that I have had for a number of years, and these laces are waiting for just the right project..... so out they came, and goodness it took me an absolute age to cut them up.

There is a lot more of this in a box on the floor
 Phew! the next few hours were spent adding, taking away, moving, and even cutting some of my precious lace....
 Once the lace was finally sewn into position, I added a couple bits and bobs by hand, cut the final shape and got ready to sew

This is the front/back
 Sewing it together was the easy bit...

 Zig Zag all the bits together and I am almost there


The socks and the box I am very happy with, but that fridge is thrilling......


  1. Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow!!! I LOVE your fridge! So much more exciting than the original!
    The socks are lovely, but you should not need those - Its June!!!
    The casket is really pretty, and I may juts have to play with my box of lace.....

  2. Lime green...wowser! I love it!

    I can't believe you have the patience to do all that wee bits of lace thing!!!:)

  3. What a great idea Fridge looks great. I like the socks lovely wool in good colours.Casket is beautiful would make a good all day project

  4. The casket is beautiful!! and the fridge, well, thats a wowser!!

  5. Oh my goodness, that fridge is really rocking the green look. It would be right at home on the pages of a very chic magazine. Love it x

  6. Love the fridge xs

  7. Oh my! Love the painted fridge but it is VERY green! Mum you are getting daring....love it!

  8. Love the casket. It gives me ideas!!

  9. I love love the fridge it is stunning no wonder you are a happy sole with it well done.
    Your box is lovely so good to use up all those bits and pieces mmmm!