Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Do you remember I joined a Mini Q.T. Swap on flickr and I showed you this sneak peek of the mini quilt I was making for my partner

Sneak peek
As my partner received it last week I can now show you the finished 8" x 12" mini.   We had a choice of Pinwheels, Log cabin or Chinese Coins, and I decided on the Pinwheels.  I thought it might be good to try different size pinwheels and to say that some of them were fiddly would be an understatement.

It measures approx. 8" x 12" 

My other  finish was the Medallion Quilt that a friend and I attempted with  Sew Mama Sew .  It was a 'sew along' which  gave us a bit more incentive to finish.  I  am thrilled with it, finished  measurement 25" x 25".  I am not sure I have room for it on the wall, but sure it will find some place to live.

25" x 25" finished size

Now my friend that joined me in this little venture has also finished and this is her little beauty

Great aren't they?

Mr D and I  travelled up to Yorkshire for the long weekend, and had a bit of time catching up with our family. Young Mr J has not long passed his drivers test, so we asked him to drive us to see his new venture.

Nice clean car Mr J.

Owning some fancy hens (well chicks and eggs) is the new venture, and visit them we did.  He has had a problem with the farmer dog (who was supposed to be good with chickens) so these little ladies (and the odd man)  have to be kept in their houses and only let out for a bit of a run until further fencing, barbed wire, electric fencing can be erected....... I am joking, but the fencing does need perhaps some chicken wire added

Forgotten their breed but they are pretty little things

A number of different houses for the different breed

We had a bit of fun trying to get  them back in the hen houses, after all we didn't want the farmers dog to have another lunch snack.

Some Yorkshire days were not too bad ......

touch of blue sky
and others were a bit grey 

so on these days we stayed at home and I got a bit of crochet done.

Lots of flowers ready for the borders

On Monday we walked up to the viewing point for one of the only remaining quarries in Nidderdale.  The Coldstone Cut quarry is hidden in the hills and is still a working quarry.

The viewing area

This was part of the walk up.

All in all a wonderful long weekend. 


  1. The swap mini is lovely as are the two medallions! I am so jealous of Mr J, I would love some chickens! Will he be selling eggs? You had a better Monday than us!

  2. Are the hens kept at his house or somewhere else? So sweet that he has Hens!

  3. All those crocheted flowers!! Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Those gorgeous little quilts are all stunning, no wonder you are thrilled with the Medallion Quilt x

  5. The quilts are lovely, will have to have a go at the pretty crocheted flowers.My daughter would like chickens but not me my Gran had them was I was a little girl and I had to feed them for pocket money. You look as if you had a great Bank Holiday