Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ta Dah!!! well not quite

I have been busy with my medallion quilt along with sewmamasew this second part took a bit longer and was a bit more fiddly,

friendship stars completed Phew!
next I had to make the square in a square border....

Chain pieced these bits.
and I know I should n't do this, but couldn't resist sorting them a little bit

Rows ready to go
First things first.....add the friendship starts

Mmmmmm I am liking it so far
I then added some skinny borders, but forgot to get them in a photo....shame!  My next step was to add the square within a square and the last skinny white border......what do you think?.

Yep! I like it
One thing with this quilt you end up with this...

the cut off bits
I did throw away the tiny triangles, but the bigger ones have been kept, and when I have too much time to spare, I might just go into making a miniature....we will see.

Because my quilt is not sandwiched, I can't really claim a final 'Ta Dah'  but I have finished this....

Ta Dah!!!!
See you next time, happy sewing..


  1. well you've had a busy few days!! the quilt is looking good and I love the little box that you made. I saw them at Uttoxeter but managed to refrain from buying one. It was a close thing.

  2. Love the box. Quilt looks good and it must have been quite fiddly.

  3. The Mini looks lovely. Now for the next challenge.....