Monday, 12 May 2014

Bit of a change.....

When we went to visit my daughter in South Africa she was painting old fashioned furniture  'retro furniture' with what I thought was new paint called 'Chalk' paint.  Chalk paint is a matt finish paint that can be used to cover any surface without first having to sand etc. Now I had not seen this paint, but  on Saturday I went off with a friend to a painting course.......or should I say furniture painting course using 'Chalk' paint.  I had to search the house for something suitable to paint, but eventually settled on a box I keep sewing patterns in...

Ready to start....
I spent ages picking my main colour, but finally decided 'refreshing' was the one for me

First Coat 
I then added a second coat (not all items need two coats) and used a colour called 'lace' to dry paint over the top giving my box a streaky look.  Then it was decorating time, so I chose to use a stencil with keys on, but found that a bit messy (if you look there is a blob of darker colour on the key), so chose a different stencil for the front.......what do you think so far........

Think I should leave at that.
We were given some hardboard to practice on, and I loved this bit of practice....

Not sure what to do with it......
and I had a play with some sponge stampy things 

I only had time for this.

My box is now back in its place filled with pattens again...........Oh yes, had to put back my scruffy Angel

Sweet don't you think

Fun day, but I am not sure I am going to be taking up this for a living hobby.


  1. The box looks good Jo. And the practice piece would look great on the kitchen wall, maybe Mr could add a little frame (I expect that you could do that yourself!)

  2. Love the outcome of your box Jo and the practice piece too. Sounds like a fun class.

  3. It's good to try new things! Just love your practice piece. you totally could make some more and sell those as modern kitchen art!! Usefull skill to have and totally transferable to fabric too. think fabric paint and stencilling !

  4. Love the way the box has turned out and yes the practice piece looks very arty! x

  5. Love the box. What a transformation.

  6. Love the box I like to try new things as I am sure you do.

  7. I keep looking at chalk paint, but as I have tens of regular tester pots out in the garage I have yet to buy some. However your gorgeous box is definitely tempting me to think again!

  8. Clever you! I like the idea of the matt "chalk" look to certain bits of furniture, might even give it a go! I to have a pine wooden trunk/chest/box (a bit boring and ordinary.... at the moment!) which needs a make over... like your colour, by the way. Where did you buy the paint? Bye, Jay x