Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lots of starts but no finishes

A couple of weekends ago  at Peterborough show grounds they hosted 'The Makit L.Q. and N Fair'  and it marketed itself as  "The East's largest collection of specialist suppliers for Lace-making, Quilting, Beading, Tatting, Embroidery, Knitting, Gold-work, Crochet and most other Needle-crafts". I am not sure this was the correct description, but I do have to say, if I was making lace again there were some stunning bobbins, beads and lace making thread that surely would have tempted me to put my hand in my purse.
As it was, there wasn't really much that made me quiver with excitement, but I did see some wool, and when knitted up it gave a lovely 'fair isle' look.   I thought I really had to try this for myself !   I bought just one ball of sock yarn and the needles ( like I need more needles!! ) and started knitting.

No Fair Isle look in mine, just stripes
 Got carried away watching T.V. and miss counted, so......

Its called unknitting I think
I'll let you know how they turn out at a later date!!

We have had a few really lovely warm days,which makes us feel summer is on its way, so a trip to the local nursery and planting up the baskets was called for.  I think some of them will be kept in the warm for a few more weeks, but thought I would show you how they start and in perhaps a month we can revisit them to see how they have changed.

Just a few bits bought 

Non Stop Begonia's
Wandering the garden I spied this little beauty,

Just the one grew  from a whole packet of seeds!
but these pretty 'fairy' flowers grow each year with little or no attention....

So Pretty

How clever is nature!!
When I lived in S.A. a friend used to make up baby clothes for ladies to complete the smocking, and as I have some fabric that I particularly like, but no babies to make for, I thought I would have a go and see if I could make it work.  I pulled up the smocking, then made up the romper without completing the smocking, and on this particular garment I think it will work.  There would be no 'blocking' (setting the pleats) on this romper so all should work well.......another thing to come back to at a later date.

All I need now is the baby to go in it!

I have a 'whole-cloth' that has been finished for a number of years, but I have never known what to do with it as the size is 39" x 39", too small for a quilt, so I am going to add blocks all the way around the edge and make it into a quilt.  I am going to my local quilt shop  to a 'beginners and improvers' group with Jan Shepherd to learn how to 'quilt as you go' the blocks and add them to my 'wholecloth'.......good idea or what!!!!

As you can see it has been folded for tooooo long.
So lots to come back to visit in the coming months.

Hope all of you living in U.K. have a great long weekend......drive safely.


  1. Yup! Just the weather for knitting wool socks! Those dancing fairies are one of my favourite flowers. I think that sample blocks around that whole cloth will look great!

  2. Socks looking good nice wool.
    Your garden looks good.no need to water this week. Have a good Bank Holiday.

  3. I recognised the romper/jump suit and its smocking. I have been practising my smocking! I hope the socks work out and have a good weekend.