Friday, 16 May 2014

bit of baking....well sort of

Yep! bit of baking going on this week.  My friend had lots of Rhubarb and offered me some, so I decided to make the Orange, Rhubarb and Almond cake that I made in the last Rhubarb season....but while I am making a mess in the kitchen, might as well get a few things done. Actually something went wrong with every thing I made,  I first forgot the almonds for the top of the cake, so opened the oven after 10 mins and may be that is why it seems to have a dip in the middle.

Looks a bit dented in the middle, but sure it will taste fine

 I had a few sticks of Rhubarb left after the cake, so thought I would try Mary Berry's crumble mix. I chopped walnuts, mixed it with the rolled oats flour sugar and butter...... what could go wrong...left it a touch too long in the oven that's what went wrong with that....plus the recipe from Mary must make a big crumble topping, far too much for our few sticks of Rhubarb....

Pushed the burnt bits to the back 

Now, when we were in S.A, for our holiday my daughter's Mum -in-law cooked a really yummy chocolate cake.  I am not so fussed about chocolate cakes, but this one was really nice, and would serve as a desert, so as we have visitors this weekend I thought I would have a go.  This cake is cooked in the Microwave, something else new to me, but you only live once, so lets give it a go. I first spent extra time making the paper linings for the (new) microwave cake pans

I even used my quilting ruler that draws circles.......I know!I know! ... bit sad really

Melted the chocolate, then had to add eggs with a hand whisk, I have a new one of those, but that was my first mistake.  I didn't know the difference between the speed control and the button to eject the blades....I wanted to eject the blades.... 
I think if you click on the photo you will see the mess the kitchen got in.......everything was covered, includng my new ipad recipe book.....Der!!!!

the brandy was for the cake....promise!
I also forgot to add some of the baking powder, the recipe asked for 50ml. and I only used about 30ml.....the rest was found on the worktop after the first cake was cooking away.....don't ask how I managed that...  but this is what it looked like with its chocolate topping (another thing I have never done before).....

Looks okay, but I'll let you know how it eats..

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. I have cakes to bake this weekend, so may give that recipe a try. Xx

  2. I can just smell the loveliness!! Oh goodness....good thing I am heading to the gym!!

    I have done cake batter in the microwave. I just use a glass pyrex dish. Sometimes I double a recipe and there is a bit too much batter so I'll do the little bit in the microwave...it's my treat!;)

  3. Both cakes look good to me. I have to make cake for my husband but never really enjoy doing them,have never made rhubarb cake must give it a try as my friend has plenty and we do get rather fee up with crumbles. Have a good weekend.

  4. Both cakes look good to me!! shame you arent coming on Monday!!

  5. I have baking days like that but both your cakes look lovely, I could eat them xxx

  6. I'm glad other people have days like this. I thought it was only me and age!! Hope everything tasted good.