Saturday, 22 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Not a lot of sewing going on at this time of year, but just had to get this man ticked off my list...

I wonder if you recognise who is about to make an entrance?

Feeling a bit naked
Not one but two..... well I never!

Dressed and ready for hat bells and sign
Whoop! Whoop!! finished.
Opps! not quite finished needs some buttons for his coat.
One almost finished (needs a few buttons) and the other will have to wait now until after Christmas to get his 'No Pouting Zone' sign and buttons for his coat.

I am off tomorrow to spend Christmas in Yorkshire with my daughter, son-in-law and grand children.  It would be lovely to have a white Christmas, but think its going to be a damp one if I believe the weather man.

I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a very Healthy,Wealthy and  Happy 2013.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

No sew blog

I have been out and about this week and what a week to be trundling around the countryside.  Monday was a sewing day at our group, and I must admit I didn't take any notice of the weather, but Tuesday was a different matter.  We woke to thick fog and very very cold, but I now know it was not freezing all day.  The reason I know it wasn't freezing all day on Tuesday is because on Wednesday, the temps. didn't get above -3 deg. all day, but how beautiful it looked.  The trees were covered in frost and looked like frosted glass, oh so beautiful!  I was meeting friends for coffee, and wanted to stop the car and take  photos of the surrounding countryside, but the only place I could stop safely had none of the stunning frost covered trees and the fog covered the fields like a blanket.

I did manage these though...

Every day we pass these lacy works of art and its not until they are covered in frost that we notice them.

This is my favourite 

This is the last rose in bloom in my garden, and this morning it is edged with frost.... so beautiful

Frost covered Hydrangea Leaves 
I am going into the sewing room now, so you never know, the next time you visit I may have something to show you......but I am on a bit of a wind down to Christmas.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

'Odds and ends' week

I really didn't think I had been making very much this week, but actually I have surprised myself.

I had a the little bag to finish off, you may remember I showed you a peek in my last post.  The pattern came from here  I did add an extra pocket inside ....Well, a girl has to have somewhere for her mobile phone.

I really like it.

I also decided to make a couple of extra gifts for friends, just fun things

Smocked Santa's ready for the tree
and a fun hat....hope it fits.  This is a slightly altered pattern from here 

Flower is fun

I am back to making some pin cushions, this time the cushion is in a soup cup... played at quilting   the top using variegated thread.  Got to practice whenever I can..

This photo  was taken before the cushion was glued in
Talking of practising quilting, I have decided to make some arm covers for my sisters armchairs and thought they would be nice just plain white fabric with an Aqua variegated thread.  I started it when I was out to sewing on Thursday but unfortunately I didn't have time to finish so had to carry on at home, and guess what I did ..... turned it over and worked the rest of the piece from the wrong side....What an idiot!!!  Luckily it is the same fabric both sides and I do have to cut out the 'pattern'  for the chairs so no unpicking for me Phew!

This does show some of the aqua and if you look carefully you will see it then all goes white (bobbin thread).
I have also got these ready for the Christmas table ...

Maybe I will add name tags 

and lastly as the weather was bright we went off for a walk in Irchester Country Park.  The park was an Ironstone quarry, but now a fun place for families and walkers.  The notice board states that it is 'the real Jurassic park' and look what has appeared since the last time we were here..

Busy week next week, so may not get much sewing done, but it is that time of year, 'lots of socialising'!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Its looking a lot like Christmas

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas .....  decided today was the day to put the deco's up.  Woke to another cold and frosty morning and there is nothing like waking to a white wonderland to encourage me to start on the Christmas feeling.

Just a small corner, but looking jolly
 Decorating took most of the day, but at coffee break time I had a play with this, aren't they cute!  As you know I am a flickr fan, and there are so many interesting things that folk make and these sleighs are just so much fun, I think they will make great table decorations.

One down, 7 more to make
As I have been busy with Christmas the only other thing I have planned is a little bag. 
The red dot is for the straps, and the Aqua and Red flower is the lining.
I'll show you more of this once I have time to get to the sewing machine.  

That's all for now, see you soon.