Thursday, 13 December 2012

No sew blog

I have been out and about this week and what a week to be trundling around the countryside.  Monday was a sewing day at our group, and I must admit I didn't take any notice of the weather, but Tuesday was a different matter.  We woke to thick fog and very very cold, but I now know it was not freezing all day.  The reason I know it wasn't freezing all day on Tuesday is because on Wednesday, the temps. didn't get above -3 deg. all day, but how beautiful it looked.  The trees were covered in frost and looked like frosted glass, oh so beautiful!  I was meeting friends for coffee, and wanted to stop the car and take  photos of the surrounding countryside, but the only place I could stop safely had none of the stunning frost covered trees and the fog covered the fields like a blanket.

I did manage these though...

Every day we pass these lacy works of art and its not until they are covered in frost that we notice them.

This is my favourite 

This is the last rose in bloom in my garden, and this morning it is edged with frost.... so beautiful

Frost covered Hydrangea Leaves 
I am going into the sewing room now, so you never know, the next time you visit I may have something to show you......but I am on a bit of a wind down to Christmas.


  1. Had a busy week too Jo. COLD trip to London, but a lovely time. The spiders webs are beautiful, probably the only good reason for a spidys existance, in MY opinion. I have a few bits to finish ,hopefully this weekend and then a great big wind down for me! Ho Ho Ho!

  2. Lovely photos Jo, spiders webs are so beautiful, got a few photos myself of those!!! think I wound down too soon for xmas got to get going to finish now!! still, Derek away next week so that should spur me on!!!

  3. Wish we had last weeks frosts don't like all the rain we are having.Looking forward to seeing all your new idea's and work after your Christmas wind down.Come back all refreshed.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas