Sunday, 9 December 2012

'Odds and ends' week

I really didn't think I had been making very much this week, but actually I have surprised myself.

I had a the little bag to finish off, you may remember I showed you a peek in my last post.  The pattern came from here  I did add an extra pocket inside ....Well, a girl has to have somewhere for her mobile phone.

I really like it.

I also decided to make a couple of extra gifts for friends, just fun things

Smocked Santa's ready for the tree
and a fun hat....hope it fits.  This is a slightly altered pattern from here 

Flower is fun

I am back to making some pin cushions, this time the cushion is in a soup cup... played at quilting   the top using variegated thread.  Got to practice whenever I can..

This photo  was taken before the cushion was glued in
Talking of practising quilting, I have decided to make some arm covers for my sisters armchairs and thought they would be nice just plain white fabric with an Aqua variegated thread.  I started it when I was out to sewing on Thursday but unfortunately I didn't have time to finish so had to carry on at home, and guess what I did ..... turned it over and worked the rest of the piece from the wrong side....What an idiot!!!  Luckily it is the same fabric both sides and I do have to cut out the 'pattern'  for the chairs so no unpicking for me Phew!

This does show some of the aqua and if you look carefully you will see it then all goes white (bobbin thread).
I have also got these ready for the Christmas table ...

Maybe I will add name tags 

and lastly as the weather was bright we went off for a walk in Irchester Country Park.  The park was an Ironstone quarry, but now a fun place for families and walkers.  The notice board states that it is 'the real Jurassic park' and look what has appeared since the last time we were here..

Busy week next week, so may not get much sewing done, but it is that time of year, 'lots of socialising'!


  1. And I have been partying with all my nephews and nieces so no sewing here but a really fun day. The bag and the hat are lovely Jo, Will crack on with all my projects tomorrow!

  2. Love the hat Jo (No ! I am not going to start one)The bag looks good and what a pin cushion. good idea to quilt it.

  3. Nice bag Jo you have been busy,Father Christmas's looking good all this Christmas work you will not no what to do with yourself after Christmas. Weather for the weekend is to be milder so you will be able to get out have you tried Barnwell County Park near Oundle.

  4. I love your bag the colours are stunning. The father christmases always a hit Love that hat and the flower. I have done a sloutch??
    hat and two beanies mmmmmm The christmas table will be so christmas
    Love those sleighs Love Videa