Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mixed Bag

Bit of mixed bag this post.  It started last Wednesday when I had an appointment in the afternoon that I really didn't fancy going to, but being the good girl that I am off I went and my reward was an evening out with Mr D to see the musical 'Tonight's the Night'.  I love Rod Stewart, and I have to say when the musical first started it took me a bit of time to realise 'this was not Rod singing',  but once you got over that and settled down the rest of the evening was great.

I have made a start on another crochet project.  I think this might be a long term project, but also hope it will encourage my crochet ladies to try another different block and perhaps a new stitch or two. I think I will join them all together with double crochet rather than sewing them with needle and thread.  I think I need a few more colours, so I am waiting for them to arrive.

First nine....another few hundred to do
On Sunday the group I go to on Mondays had organised a trip to Uttoxeter to a Quilt show.  The coach trip was made even more amusing with banter from the driver and one of the ladies that organised it - gave us all a few laughs.  The show itself was one of the smaller shows, but I did buy a couple of things .......as if you could go to a show and come away with nothing!  I made a start on my first project, and was surprised how long it is taking to add all of the layers.  

First layers added...more to come

Layers done now adding some glitzy cord

Looking more like a casket 
I have also started cutting the second stage of my Medallion quilt.   I really am amazed that it takes so long to cut these small bits, and if I have a choice of scrap fabrics that can add another couple of days to the process.

The pink 'Birdie' fabric and the pale green fabric are auditioning for the small borders

I have finished the 'mini quilt' that I am making for a swap, but of course I can't show you that until my partner has received it.  I will be posting it off in a couple of weeks as she must receive it by the end of May, and I promise as soon as she lets me know its in her hot little hands I will of course show all.  To keep you interested here is the sneak peak I let my partner see...

What do you think...Log Cabin, Chinese Coins or Pinwheels? 

Have a good 'long' weekend.


  1. Wow they look great xxx

  2. The little casket is coming on very nicely. I think the pink fabric will set off the mini medallion well. I am liking the Crochet daisies.

  3. That little chest is way cool! So you ladies meet up every Monday? That's awesome!!!:)

  4. Better remember to get the wool!! xs

  5. Love the crochet squares and would love to do these. Attic 24 has something similar but yours look a little easier.

  6. Love the casket but the crochet squares are awesome will have to have a go,sorry I will have to miss this next session but will catch up.

  7. busy as usual,Jo!! am liking the casket, it looks good