Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bike riding

We were supposed to have visitors this weekend, but at unfortunately a trapped nerve in the ladies back has stopped her travelling so we had the weekend free and decided to dust off the bikes and cycle along the Brampton Valley Way which runs between Northampton and Market Harborough (an old railway line).

Just look at that blue sky

We usually head for Northampton as there are a few nice 'resting places' (in other words Pubs) but today we headed in the opposite direction towards Market Harborough.  It's a really lovely ride through beautiful countryside, with birds singing, butterflies flitting, lots of wild flowers and a couple of very dark tunnels.

View towards Kelmarsh (or possibly Oxendon)

Oxendon Tunnel
Mr D was not very happy with me at this point, because I asked him to hold my bike (too lazy to walk around and put up the stand), and he obviously was off balance and slowly began to fall backwards into the black mud.......nothing hurt, just his pride.

 As you enter Market Harborough you cycle through a small park, so we chose  to end our journey here, sat on the grass and enjoyed a bit of sunshine. Neither of us could remember the last time we sat on the grass in a park without any children in tow, so we took the opportunity to take our very first 'selfie'. What a laugh that was, but if you can't act the fool at our age when can you do it.

Decided this one was a bit dark, so....

Couldn't stop laughing

 It's been a while since we have travelled this part of the cycle path, and they had add some lovely mosaics depicting the area.

Lovely to see this along the track

As we weren't stopping at the Pub for lunch I had made a nice healthy salad which made for a pleasant stop on our way back.

Tasted Yummy!

We really should do this more often.


  1. looks like you had a great time and I love the "selfie"!! The salad has made my mouth water even at this time of night!! lol x

  2. You you both look very happy,some times when you do something unexpected it works out better. The countryside looks wonderful I do like the trees and hedge rows.

  3. Well done and think of all the exercise. I bet you had a drink when you got home!!

  4. Love the selfie xs

  5. Our countryside is so lovely - great to get out and appreciate it sometimes.

    Selfie!! I ask you .......

  6. Oh Jo What a perfect day Loved your salad and selfie!!!!!!!