Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Trying to keep up to date

My friend phoned the other day and said I had been lacking in my blogging efforts, turns out she hadn't been to visit the blog since the 3rd of June post..... Hmm!!  I do try to write each week, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way, and that has happened this week, but I do have a few things to show you.

Remember the socks I had knitted, well I seem to have caught the bug, made a second pair and am half way through the third.  Guess what some folk will be getting for Christmas....

looks like a fancy pattern, but its just variagated yarn

I have also added to the collection of 9" blocks that will eventually surround my whole cloth.  I am spending loads of time looking for different blocks that I would like to use then reducing the size if needs be, and its getting more difficult to find ones I want to use .....maybe I am getting fussy.
Plain and simple

I can't remember, but think I might have made this one up 
The next block was originally a 12" block so needed to be reduced and do you think my muddle brain could do it????  It was late one evening, and my sister in law was also working on blocks (hers were 8" blocks) and I just think I got totally confused ....mind you that doesn't take much these days.  Eventually my local Quilt shop friend helped me out.
Pinwheels and Bears Paw
I have no idea what this is called, I just like it

 One of my days was spent preparing some smocking for the ladies that come to my smocking group.  We are going to make these,

A friend saw a bigger version on Pinterest

so I spent a whole day (yes the whole day) 'rolling and whipping' the hems in green to make it look more like a tree, then pleating the different pieces, but my ladies were thrilled so that makes it all worth while.

All done ready for smocking

I am working on another swap mini quilt, so once it has been sent and the recipient has received it I will show all, but until then you can have a sneak peek...

This will be sent off to America in the next couple of weeks

That's about it for now, so happy sewing until next time.


  1. The blocks are very nice Jo. The tree is wonderful pleased to say I am one of the lucky ladies in the group to be doing one.

  2. I love all of those blocks, but my favourite is the one you made up! You have such talent x

  3. All day? You are a crazy woman...and a good friend!:)

  4. The blocks are looking really pretty Jo. I am looking forward to seeing your little smocked forest.

  5. love the colours of the quilting xs

  6. The blocks are looking good Jo and with a little manouvering (!!!) of the laptop I think I can just make out the mini quilt. very nice (OH! and I am also one of the lucky ladies with the xmas tree!!)