Friday, 25 July 2014

Challenge time.

Remember my post from the 15 July I told you my friend and I were embarking on a new challenge?  Well, the fun had begun.  Fun...did I say fun!!!! All of the half square triangles were cut and ready.

Remember these
 and I like a good girl I actually read the instructions that said it was best not to iron them just  finger press the half squares open. Now I have a lot of patience, but after spending a whole evening (about 4 hours) finger pressing and only getting about half the pile done I decided that was for " the birds", so next morning out came the iron'

Must change my ironing cloth it looks awful

Next I laid out how I thought my pattern would look best, and got ready to sew....

this is the plan..

I sat and sewed a row at a time and all seemed to be working well, then I got to the centre rows which should have been the quickest to make as it has a 2" square in the centre rather than another pinwheel ....famous last words....I cannot tell you how many times I unpicked the two blocks that were either side of that 2" block.  In the end I threw them over my shoulder and started again.

Banished to the floor 

Finally, got them right (or so I thought) and added the centre rows to the 'top and bottom' rows.......and it wasn't until I went to take this photo that I saw, to my horror, there was still a mistake....to say the air was blue would be an understatement!

Yep! more to be unstitched 
This weekend is my time to get things right, so I hope next time I see you I will have at least one more block completed CORRECTLY .  

You may want to pop across to here to see how my friend is getting on.  


  1. Are we mad! Had just the same trouble, but I think I am on the final straight!

  2. And yes, you do need a new ironing board cover!!!

  3. Blocks are wonderful, I have a ironing board cover to match yours.