Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Look who's back

Yep! the lady is back in town.....well, not our town but she is back in Oxford.  Mr D and I travelled over to Oxford and met up with Dee ( my friend from cyber world).  I think I may have explained before, Dee and I met on one of the 'Flickr' groups.  She was my secret Santa, and I have joined her in a few swaps.  Her daughter (M) came over to study and spent a couple of years in Oxford and Dee with her husband managed a visit each year and we always met up.  Unfortunately Miss M had to return to America in January, but she did quite a lot of work on this  project at the Story Museum and wanted to visit it before it closed and summer time in England called.  Unfortunately the Story Museum is closed on Mondays so we didn't manage to see the exhibition, but Dee did a tremendous job as a tour guide walking us around the city pointing out all the wonderful buildings

It was wonderful summers day, and all of these were in use once the younger folk had woken up

These were all taken by lunchtime 

So happy 

Cuddles for all
 Dee  informed us that this used to be the library,  but now is used as a reading room for the Oxford students..... how cool can that be?
Just look at the beautiful buildings,
Bridge of Sigh's

No water under this one

 Bikes bikes and more bikes

Definitely the way to travel
We even visited the indoor Market

Time to take it all in
So clean and fresh
 Just a last hug before goodbye's

Once again Dee spoilt me ..... Charm pack ' Architextues, Candy squares 'Pot luck' Tea Pot 'fat quarter', and some screen printed Linen by Amy another cyber friend.  

What a lot I got

This is a whistle stop tour for Dee, so I was so thrilled that we could meet up again.  Enjoy the rest of your trip Dee


  1. What a lovely time your had with your friend! Oxford is such an interesting place, even though the death rate is quite high!
    Looking forward to seeing the "makes" with your goody haul

  2. Aw, it looks like you had a lovely day! I also like that the bag I made you has come out for the summer. Looking great Mum XXX