Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Busy doing nothing

I thought I had been a bit slack this week and wouldn't have anything to show you, but, when it comes down to it there is always something going on in my sewing room.

One of my friends had made a collapsible 'Thread catcher' that was so cute and would come in handy when we are travelling with our sewing, so had to have a go.  Luckily a couple of folk had made the prototypes, and had ironed out all of the little mishaps so all I had to do was watch the 'you tube' video, reduce the size of the bottom and 'hey presto' one 'thread catcher completed.

not much room for those threads
Voilà !!
Cute don't you think?
I am still working on the blocks for my 'quilt as you go' quilt, but I am sure you are bored with looking at those, so how about a bit of a change with this little smocked dress.  My friend had asked me if I was interested in making a Christening gown for one of her friends, but when we met up to discuss the dress it was obvious that she needed someone with more experience than me.  I had taken a couple of dresses to show her, and she seemed to like the idea of a smocked dress for her grandchild, and gave me 'Carte Blanche' to make the dress I thought best for a 2  year old.  I think the little dress I made is one of the most comfortable and serviceable dresses because your child can wear it as it is or with a T.shirt in summer, or add a jumper with tights in the winter.  I have stitched the hem, but haven't pressed it then if she is not happy with its length I can alter it.   I hope she likes it.

So cute 
Last but not least....... 'drum roll here I think..... 'L', who often has thrown challenges at me, is joining me in a joint challenge.  L chose the pattern that would give us a quilt of approx, 75" x 69"......... far too big for my liking, so my challenge to her (this is where we need the drum roll) we reduce it.  Ours (hopefully) will end up approx. 13.5" x 15". At the moment we have only cut and shared our half square triangles and I have to say that took quite a while to prepare (L was good enough to snip off  the points of the triangles she gave to me whereas I was sent to the naughty step for forgetting to cut hers!).  So in the weeks to come you will see us with out magnifying glasses and our quick 'unpick'- ready for action.

The mess in the middle are the nibs I cut off...took another whole evening.
The weather is supposed to be hot for the next couple of days, so I may be found under the umbrella in the garden.......hope you have sunny times.


  1. Really? You really reduced it that much? Gasp!!:)

    I love that dress. I was talking about your talents to my pal who just had her first granddaughter in April and wants to learn to smock....too bad you are a bit far away!:)

    See you soooooooonnnnnn!!!:)

  2. The dress is beautiful, a lucky little girl. I love the thread catcher! I am sharpening my quick unpick as we speak.....

  3. Oh my can I vouch for that little dress being the most useful cute dress ever I still have two well worn but worth a pass on to a lover of smocking mmmm yes.
    Love the thread catcher. I don't know about those tiny pieces?????? but I love my clock a lot xxx

  4. I think the thread catcher could be useful for all sorts of things and I love the smocked dress. Love to make one for next summer - too busy at the moment!!!