Sunday, 6 July 2014

And another pair bite the dust

Yes I have been busy with the knitting needles again.  A friend gave me lots of sock wool that her Mum had, so I decided to make a few more pairs of socks while sitting and watching T.V.  all I need to do now is go in search of a larger (and smaller) pattern after all not everyone has a size 5.1/2 shoe.

This pair almost match.....
I also have a few more blocks that can be  knocked off the list for my 'Quilt as you go' project.  Six more 9" blocks finished, so  there are just two more 9" blocks then  four more 8" blocks. I have found the patterns I want to use, so with luck I should get them finished ready for Saturday when I am going to my local quilt shop to get the know how on how to quilt and put them together....watch this space.

No idea what this block is called

Flying Geese, paper pieced

Marina's Compass - paper pieced

Scrappy Irish Chain (I think that's its name)

Scrappy Pineapple block

Another that has lost its name, 
We have had a bit of an odd week really - on Wednesday the weather forecast sounded good so we hopped in the car and travelled to Hunstanton.  Our plan was to walk along the 'prom'  have a bite to eat and just enjoy the day.  The walk along the front was great, ending up with a nice cup of tea before we turned around and walked back the other way so we could walk along the cliff tops.

Mr D pacing it out 

Brave souls, that water is a bit chilly 

This is an amphibious vehicle that runs little trips along the coast.  In the future they plan to travel between Hunstanton and Skegness, across The Wash
Look at the different lime formations in this cliff.
 We did plan to have a nice 'posh' lunch, but after walking around the town we decided that when by the sea  to eat the traditional meal
Yummy !!!!

To finish off the week we went to Kilworth House theatre to see 'South Pacific' on Friday evening, and Saturday we had a wedding to go to at Kelmarsh Hall.  Both evenings were wonderful, the weather held for us on Friday evening, so we didn't get wet, and Saturday was so calm and peacful we could spend time (after all the dancing) wandering in the gardens.  My week ended well, I hope yours did too.


  1. Oh I could do with a pair of those socks this week! There is snow on Table Mountain again!

    1. Brrrrrrr! Must be cold, I don't think we ever had snow on Table Mountain when we lived there, but I do know it can be cold x x x

  2. You can download a free pattern from A Good Yarn shop in Cleethorpes. The writer has done a course at the Rushden shop.
    Sue Whitby

    1. Thank you, I will go and have a look and hope they have some smaller and larger sizes.

  3. LOVE those Limey socks! sunny Hunny is one of our favourite day trips. Always a good walk, and weather always a surprise - be prepared to leave home in the sun and arrive in a gale. I hear the "do" at Kelmarsh went down well......

  4. Oooo your squares are coming on so well they are looking stunning Well done Oh Jo it is so cold here and Iam off to Jhb Needing socks gloves beenies scarfes send
    all ....................... Love the scenery esp the turk sky