Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lots to tell..

I do have a lot to tell, but I might just 'show/tell' you one thing in this post, and the chosen one for today is my 'flickr' swap.  If you remember we know who we are swapping with, and this months theme was 'anything goes'.  My partner gave me 'carte blanch'  so I decided to make a miniature paper pieced 'Rain bonnet Sue'.

It started like this..

Yep! some tiny bits of paper.
then I made some of the 'big' hearts

This is one of the 'big' hearts
added them to the littlies...

Now to put them together...

and they looked like this...

See what I mean about 'Big' hearts 

Borders added, bound and quilted 

Now you can see just how small it is

I added a couple of 'extra's' and off in the post it went..

Scissor keeper, and a collapsible thread catcher

and Yeah! it arrived on Friday so I can now tell and show all. Best of all my partner loved it.  I am now stalking the postman until he delivers mine....

I will show you my challenge next time so keep popping in...


  1. That is so cute! I like the collapsible thread catcher too. Must try that myself

  2. Love Sue Bonnet Sue and hearts , Really lovely and so small, hope the postman soon brings your goodies.