Monday, 11 August 2014

Challenging Challenge done and dusted

Do you remember the Challenge with my friend 'L'?  I started to write about it in this post and I ended with this photo and wanted to shout from the roof tops that I thought I had finally cracked it.

Tah Dah!!

I started to piece the other six mini blocks together, but first had to get them in the right order..

Getting there
goodness they seemed to go together like a dream.....

Nearly  done ...

but I think I must have got carried away, because just after this photo I put all the blocks together only to find one rogue mini block had a problem...... to say the air was 'blue' would be an understatement.  I had to unpick once again....can you spot the (I would like to say deliberate, but I would be telling fibs) mistake.  Of course you can it sticks out a mile!

Removed from the main block ....

But finally I did get it together, sandwiched and quilted YEAH!!!!!!!  Isn't it a darling.

I love it, and if you look closely you will notice just how small we made it

'L' has almost finished hers and once she has recovered from 'The Festival of Quilts' show I am sure she will show you her completed challenge miniature quilt.


  1. It is lovely, I will be quilting mine this week. Then for the next one...

  2. Beautiful! and well worth the unpicking. Love it <3

  3. You crazy lady...pieces are too tiny for my fumble fingers! I kinda like that one rouge block...sort of like it's trying to dance to a different tune!:)

  4. Lovely miniature quilt made by both of you.