Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Couple of things 'ticked' off the list

I have been trying to use my new machine, and one of the things I wanted to do was to add some of the blocks that I have been 'quilting as you go' to the whole cloth that I quilted years ago.  I planned where I wanted the blocks and added the sashing.

This is the layout I chose

As the blocks are quite 'busy' I have mainly quilted 'in the ditch' so nothing special there, but I knew what I wanted to do in the sashings and my new machine had just the stitch I needed.  Unfortunately I didn't get a close up, but it is 'what I would call' a serpent stitch, and it does the trick of anchoring the thin strip of batting in the 1" sashing.  I think I am now planning on a plain cream boarder, then perhaps use the scraps of the brighter fabrics to finish it off.  I have to wait until the 20 September for the next class and for Jan to show me how she would add a wider border.......

Not such a good photo, but you get the idea
I went to a 'sit and sew' at my local quilt shop last Thursday, and I really couldn't get to grips with things.  I started a bag with the fabric my friend Dee gave me.  I have made the bag before, but I just wanted to alter the size of the pockets, but I really didn't get very far with it.  We had a long weekend and the weather wasn't great, so I sat and finished the bag and its now ready for my next sewing day.

Front sides and bottom of the bag ready for the other half

That's it done and dusted

I have also been working on that baby quilt,  and thoroughly enjoying it, but it has come to a bit of a halt as I have run out of thread.  Still its something I can show you next time.


  1. Looks like you have made up for last Thursday!! The quilt is looking good! x

  2. The quilt looks fabulous Jo, it really has come on. Nice bag too x

  3. "Done and Dusted" love that!:)

    Your quilt looks amazing. I didn't realize the center part wasn't finished yet.

    Hey...you didn't enter my giveaway...get over there lady!:)

  4. Quilt is lovely Jo....like the bag you have been busy.

  5. Love the quilt xs

  6. Your quilt is lovely Jo I love the colours looking forward to see next step xxx