Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In with the new.....farewell to the old

Oh goodness where have the days and weeks gone.  I did think I would have a lot to show you but.... there have been a few changes in my sewing room.  I have said a sad farewell to my beautiful Bernina sewing machine.

Still looks a smart machine doesn't it?

I bought the machine in Durban, South Africa, a number of years ago, and it has served me well but there is always the fear that if something goes wrong with it spare parts may become scarce so I have taken the plunge and bought a new Janome.

Need a new sewing mat now.
Its a pretty swish machine, so I will have to play and get to know all it can do for me.  My friend has been give a new pattern for a baby quilt (sold here) with very little time to make it, so I have offered to make it (using my new machine!).  There was a method in my madness, I get to practice on my machine.

cute pattern

I have never made one of these quilts before, and what a surprise it was to find it took days to trace all the bits to be appliquéd, but once traced it only left me the job of cutting it all out.....Phew! another day spent on the floor cutting and placing..

Just the beginning
 I am sure some of you clever folk know a quick way to do this, but I have spent the day on the floor with a pair of scissors, and spent happy hours (and hours) cutting out those tiny pieces and placing them on the correct pattern piece.  Think I am about ready to start sewing and giving my machine a bit of a work out...Yeah!!!

Some of the scraps.... don't think I will keep them 

Hope I have something to show you in the not to distant future.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


  1. You must be a VERY good friend to tackle that quilt. But it will give you plenty of practice using your lovely new machine. It will be an old friend by the time you have finished.

    Look forward to seeing the progress xx

  2. Enjoy making the quilt it looks very nice and enjoy your new machine very exciting.

  3. I love my friends but I wouldn't even make that for my girl!!:)

    Ok...how big is that throat and what model is it? I'll just drool from afar!:)

  4. Can't wait to see the quilt complete.

  5. Wow Jo
    That machine looks to die for I wish you lots of happy hours sewing. On a sad note Goodbye Bernnie xxx Quilt looks a major challenge.