Sunday, 31 August 2014

After Months......

I have decided to take the plunge and make up some of my small embroidery's that a few of us have been making at Higham Piecemakers.  I could say I am 'testing' how to 'make them', but to be honest I needed something, and it crossed my mind to use my embroideries.

Cathedral Windows here we come.  I have also used the fabric that came as an 'extra' from my last swap.....great isn't it!

Think this is what to do
Now to cut the embroidery and add them to the Cathedral windows

Mmmmm think I have enough
Have to admit that I didn't realise just how many embroidery's I would need, and I forgot that they should all be 'on point'.  Oh well, some flowers grow lopsided don't they?

Getting there
Can you guess yet what this is going to turn into?????  This is the front...

See the little baby Cathedrals......needed those extras
This is the back......didn't have enough embroidery for this.

I like this just as it is
Voilà!  done and dusted

Smart don't you think!
 I now need to make a mat for the machine.....note to self ....add to list of 'to do's'

I got the idea of putting embroidery into the windows from mybearpaw - isn't hers stunning?  I have to say mine has lots of mistakes, and the 'art' of getting the windows right is accurate cutting, sewing and getting those pesky corners matching.

To my friends that joined me in this project I hope you don't mind toooooo much that I have completed my first Cathedral Window item ------ but, I have learnt a lot that I can pass on to you .


  1. Those little embroideries look fabulous! A very snazzy machine cover. Didn't realise you were so posh ! X

  2. Really great machine cover,so very pretty well done

  3. It's lovely and I am sure you will knock up a lovely mat in no time!!

  4. I love these little embroideries what a stunning idea Your cover is beautiful and you get to see them often