Friday, 12 September 2014

Doing, undoing, and doing again.....

Do you remember that I asked to make a quilt for my friend?  It was something I had not attempted before, and it gave me a chance to practice on my new machine.  The last time I showed you it was at this stage....
Its all in the planning.....

just look at it now...

Mapping out on the lounge floor
added the borders

The washing line comes in handy
and finally quilted.  I have to tell you this is my second attempt at quilting this.  I am not sure what went wrong, but I wasn't happy and after a nights sleep I decided to unpick.  I was a little worried that the stitches might mark the fabric, so I unpicked just a little to see how it looked and to my joy no needle holes could be seen.  YEAH!!!!!   

Thanks for the opportunity to make this quilt 

Note:  How do you unpick your machine stitching?  I use my quick unpick to break the thread on  every fifth or sixth bobbin stitch, then turn my work over and pull the top thread which should just unravel.  You are left with some small bits of thread coming through and all you have to do is brush them off your quilt.  A good tool for this job is a 'seam fix' seam ripper, and I have on good authority that Poppy Patch have them on order and expect them back in stock shortly......one of my best buys.

The sewing mat for my machine is now completed and the pockets are full of those precious bits that I never put away 'properly', but always know which pocket to find them in.


I have also been playing with my machine, and spent many happy hours making samples of the stitches.  I did this with my old machine and find it a much better way of actually seeing the embroidery stitches.  I even worked on a label for the quilt which meant I had to use the machines memory Phew!!! Quite a challenge. 

Just a few of the 270 stitches 

I haven't done any more with my 'quilt as you go' quilt, but I have some ideas for the borders, and I am not sure I can wait until next Saturday when I should meet up with Jan for some instructions......  I will keep you posted....

Happy sewing  x x


  1. What a beautiful quilt and a good friend to make it!

  2. The quilt is just lovely. I am quite excited by it and impressed how quickly it has cone together xx

  3. And the machine mat looks great too....

  4. Wow, there is some amount of work in that quilt! I must say, though, I am quite taken with that machine mat with the pockets. You are such a clever duck for storage solutions!!

  5. The quilt is wonderful and a smart new cover for your machine.very nice Jo.
    I have a seam fix and it has had alot of wear.

  6. Wow Jo your quilt is to die for Your friend is very lucky and did the machine sew beautifully?? Certainly looks like. I love your machine cover and mat looks like a good spot to keep goodies.

  7. Wow, I would be in seventh heaven if a friend made that for me! It is absolutely gorgeous xx