Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Yarndale Whoop! Whoop!

We began our journey 'up north' on Friday afternoon, and, considering it was Friday, the journey wasn't too bad.  Had a lovely evening with the 'B' family and an early night ready for our big day at Yarndale on Saturday.  Our first task on getting to the Auction Mart was to meet up with Mr. B as he and Mr. D had a date with the golf course.  This plan turned out to be a bit more difficult than first imagined, but after a few laughs and chasing across the car park shouting at parking marshals to'stop that car' we all finally got together and the two men left. Our day was just beginning,  S and I found  our friend L sitting at her lesson,

All hooking away nicely

She did look like she was paying attention and concentrating so we left her to finish and did a bit of a 'recci' of  the aisle's of yarn.  After going to a few quilt shows with fabric everywhere it is such a change to see wonderful hanks of yarn, so many different types and the colour's are just eye popping.

I also tried to take a couple of photos of the Mandala's and may have got (lucky) a shot of some of the ones that our crochet group sent. There were so many, and the camera does not do them justice.

These were pinned all across the Auction Mart Sheds

Think some of these are from our little group

 You may recognise the next photos from here......Yes we went to Attic 24's corner and

Summer wreath
 This was in the entrance hall, ....

There were more bikes around the town
I may have shown you this last year, I just love it.

Double bed size

It is just oh so neat! Can you see the variegated thread?

We all wandered shopped, wandered and shopped again until we were "yarned" out.  As L hadn't been to this part of the world before, S took us into Skipton to show us the sights.......not really.....but she did take us to the studio where Lucy from Attic 24 hangs out with the talented and very friendly Tracy. 

Tracy shares the studio with Lucy and had decided to have an open weekend, so there were lots of ladies (sometimes in single file) wandering around.  Tracy is such a talented lady, making friendly mice, rabbits, and sometimes the odd fox, you should visit her facebook page. 

I  wanted them all

 Downstairs from the studio is 'Coopers' the coffee shop, but that was packed and no room to sit, so Tracy invited us to sit in Lucy's corner and have our tea there ( oh my goodness!- I know some folks will be very jealous of that!) so we took a few snaps just to show off.

I had bought a few projects at the show, but first I have to make a couple of hats for the 'littlies' living in South Africa, so after getting a few tips from the ladies at yarndale I managed to finish one hat, but now need to add the detail. Then I can start playing with my new yarns.  I will show you more of the hat as it develops

base done, now to turn it into a bear!!!!

My "buys" from the show....Watch this space to see what comes next....

On Sunday S and I had a trip to some big stores a few towns away,  but Monday when everyone had left for school or work Mr. D and I went into Skipton to wander along the canal.  When we started it looked like a typical autumn day,.....

First thing...bit misty

but by the time we were ready to turn around the sun had burnt the mist away and it was absolutely gorgeous.

 We had some lunch in town then returned to sit in the garden lapping up what might be the last of the warm sunshine of this year.  What a great weekend it's been!! 


  1. Great pictures...I had a chuckle at the ladies "hooking"!!!:)

  2. We have had just the best weekend! Am "hooked" on yet another craft.......

  3. Pleased you had a great time ,Fancy seeing Attic 24 hope you have ideas to show and tell,as we are all hooked.I love Skipton with its market and High Stand canal.Can not waite for next project with that lovely yarn

  4. looked like there was some great 'Hookers' that weekend!! glad you had a great time,x

  5. Oh you lucky thing you had such a fantastic weekend. Yes, my Mandala was there!! Love all the colourful photos of the stands and your selection looks brilliant would love to see the results.

  6. Oh Jo What a wonderful day you had you are so lucky The show looked wonderful So special to do something with Sarah sending love Videa

  7. It looks wonderful, I wish I could have gone but your lovely pictures are the next best thing!