Thursday, 18 September 2014

Crash, Bang ....

On Saturday we were sat eating breakfast when the peace was shattered along with the glass in our back door.  I have never heard an explosion, but the sound that glass breaking is what I imagine it would sound like.  We have no idea what made the glass shatter and as its the inside pane we can't blame the lawn strimmer or any other outside influences.

The glass looks like raindrops

You might be able to see that the break started in the second pane down from the top

After we had contacted the glazier and he reassured us that we were in no danger and  the house was safe we got on our bikes.......  Rutland water was our chosen ride this week.  

Lovely views

Places to rest

The loan cyclist 

Such a nice quiet ride

Monday I had the day at Higham piecemakers and made a few more of these cute thread catchers

Open ...

and I am back to knitting socks.  This is the fifth pair that I have made, and its so exciting seeing how this yarn makes its own patterns.  This pair look as if I have been very clever and knitted a 'Fair Isle ' pattern.  

I just love them 
We have had a couple of warm sunny days which is a bonus at this time of year.....hope the weather has been kind to you. x x

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  1. My patio door shattered and it is very frightening when it happens!! I have to knit fingerless mittens with similar wool. Might try crochet instead.