Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Maybe last post for a while

It seems to be getting to that time of year when we are all chasing our tails trying to get visits done, and everything bought and made for Christmas, and we are no exception.  In fact I feel like I have been running around for months trying to get everything done before we take our trip to see our daughter her hubby and two children in South Africa...... Yes we are soon off ...up up and away! So I thought I would let you see how my 'quilt as you go' quilt is progressing and a few last minute bits and pieces.

My quilt is not quite finished as I think I may have to try to remove the blue markings on the hand quilted centre before adding my final touches,and for that I need better weather than we are having at the moment...

Basically finished 
I have added some yoyo's to the centre to tie all of the quilt together.

I might need a few more yoyo's, 
I have also been getting carried away with making beaded baubles.  I have put the pattern somewhere safe and for the life of me have no idea where that is, so I have had to play around, but they are all basically the same.

 nice to make while watching T.V. 

And last but never least......my daughter S made a lovely little Santa from felting.  Now, you may remember earlier this year I tried to make a gnome for my grandson and it was so 'naff' and down right rubbish I couldn't give it to him, but after seeing Santa I thought I might have another attempt.  S has made arms, hands, belt, shoes and altogether far superior to mine,

Isn't he a darling
but I am rather pleased with Mr Gnomie.....

Before adding his eyes

Think he will pass muster?

Not sure when I will be back to post anything new, so just in case I don't get to you before Christmas I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful healthy wealthy New Year.  Take care if you are travelling x x


  1. Love those felted Santas. Have a fab visit with your family in South Africa!

  2. Ditto what Kate said!:) Safe travels to you and the Mr!!

  3. I love your little gnome. He most certainly passes muster! I am also just a teeny bit envious of you very glamorous baubles. Another project for my list. Have a fantastic visit with your family, a Great Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Xxx

  4. The duvet is gorgeous and the gnome cute xs

  5. Must try the baubles Jo. Have a good holiday and see you next year.Ena

  6. Love your gnome!! Have a happy Christmas and New Year and a great holiday. My crocheted Christmas wreath is completely finished - now where to hang it!!