Wednesday, 1 April 2015


This  will be a bit of a revealing post.  Yes, I can at last show you my Highampiecemakers Christmas challenge. If you remember, the challenge was to recreate an art work of a recognisable Artist.  I did at first think of Gustav Klimt's 'The Kiss' but then went for a favourite artist of my daughter - 'Banksy'.  I chose to make some yoyo's for the balloons and even if I say it myself I thought it turned out reasonably well.  If you get a chance, go over to the Highampiecemakers blog (you might need to give it a day or two) and you should be able to see many of the ladies art work..... 
Painted the frame black and she was ready to go

The other reveal is our Mini Mania challenge.  I do believe this one caused more "hair tearing out", but at the end of the day, all were completed and look brilliant.
Mine of course started with a selection of fabrics.....

This bit took me ages

This was an option for the stars 
 but who wants to be that orderly!!

This looks crazy enough
 Now to get some of the little beggars pieced together

That looks about right
 Best way to press, I found, was a great big book and left over night

and a million pins to keep those points in place

I don't usually use pins, but lace pins is the way to go
 I had made 6 stars and cut one in half for the edge, only to realise once it was all together that I didn't have my 1/4" seam allowance.......that's what you get for trying to be clever !
Can you see the deliberate  mistake
It took me hours to unpick 

 but I finally got it all together

and these are the other two completed minis....

Today we received the next pattern.  The pieces look a little bigger, so we may still have some hair at the end of April...  

Lastly I want to show you how my, ongoing, blanket is getting on.  This blanket is just something for me to pick up and play with when I don't need to think. There are 144 of the flower squares for the centre, and now I have to decide what I want to do around the edges.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter x 


  1. Love everything, especially the blanket. The 'minis' would drive me to distraction!!!!

  2. The crochet blanket is just the best! Looks like the "Challenge" was another roaring success.
    It's good to set a little quest each month - helps to keep focussed!

  3. Love the "Banksy" Jo. and the quilt is giving me "itchy finger"! Yes the minis do lead you to distraction but they are fun

  4. Oh my....the Banksy is awesome...great idea with the yoyos and that background fabric is perfect!
    The other mini is crazy cute...and you are crazy!:)
    Crochet flowers are so yummy looking...makes me want some sorbet!:)