Saturday, 23 May 2015

Busy Busy Busy

I feel that this week I have been running around like a 'blue a*s*  fly',  We spent the weekend in London visiting friends and making the most of the sun by spending time in the garden and walking by the river Thames.  Back home for Mondays and off to 'all day' sewing at higham piecemakers and this week 'J' (one of our members) was being our 'teacher' and the title was 'Hearts and Flowers'. 'J' showed us some simple stitching and turned the stitching into a 'Hussuff' (which translates to a Housewifes sewing kit).  Tuesday saw us back in London to visit my sister and brother.  We visit my sister first and, while we are with her, take time out to have a trip to the shops that we can't normally get to. This time we went to Stratford and the Westfield Centre.  I have to say I am very impressed with the whole rejuvenation of this area of  Stratford which does of course include the Olympic Park now known as the Queen Elizabeth Park.   We visited my brother on Wednesday morning then made our way back home in time for me to pack up my bags for sewing on Thursday.  I could have done with skipping this Thursday, but as I wasn't there last time and will be away for the next month, I really felt I had to show my face.  That brought us to Friday.... time for the vacuum cleaner to show itself  and the washing machine to work its magic.  Phew!  What a week.

This is my version of the 'Hearts and Flowers' Hussuff that 'J' showed us.

The stitching begins
this is what I added to the inside of my one.

Pockets Pins and some Paper piecing

I have to say I have enjoyed the embroidery and even found some new stitches.....
This is the back 
 The stitch around the little blue heart is new to me and so simple I really like it.

Its called 'Scroll Stitch'

And this the front
I have finished the lace weight knitted scarf, and am beginning another.

The blue is a varigated blue, but that doesn't show on the photo
 and finally I am getting ready for our trip to Canada to see our son, daughter-in- law and their two children.  No I don't have the suitcases out.....lets get our priority's right here.... I am collecting my hand sewing projects.  I am going to take some English paper piecing to sew while waiting around at airports etc.

I'll show you these once its finished...

We have a fairly quiet week before we fly off, but I don't think I will be doing much in the way of sewing although I hope to show you my May contribution to the Mini Mania before we go.


  1. The embroidery pieces are lovely. What a great project. I'm tired just thinking about everything you did this past week!:)

    So...when can I post about the Mini Mania?:) Do we have a theme for next month?:)

  2. The Hussuff looks good and I must look up Scroll Stitch and have a go at it as it looks effective.

    I am looking forward to Mini Mania as well.

  3. The sewing case is absolutely stunning x

  4. Love your version of the Hussuff, that's a project that I need to catch up on. Interested to see what those pink EPP's will turn into.