Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Holiday end

After our last few days of visiting Vancouver Island and the trip to Seattle we had a couple of days relaxing in the sun, but by Wednesday our feet were restless so  M dropped us off at Lonsdale Key where we caught the sea bus to 'downtown' Vancouver.

View from the Sea bus of 'downtown' Vancouver

We decided to hire bikes and cycle around Stanley Park.  Its such a pleasant ride, no hills to climb, mostly shady, and views of the sea all the way. 
You don't often see him with a helmet

Just look at those horses!!!!

Touch of wild life -  Mr. or Mrs Racoon

Thursday was a quite morning, but by the afternoon it turned out to be quite warm so  A and I had a date for a swim.  We went across the road and used the private water front of a friend.  I thought it would be fun if we jumped in from the dock, but then I saw the dock stood a lot higher than I imagined, so it was tippy toes into the water for us.  The cove is a very deep fiord, and therefore the water can be pretty chilly, in fact as you swim you come across warmer currents- then cooler ones- but if you tried to tread water, thats when you find out just how cold the water is just a few feet below you! (toes would soon turn blue, me thinks).  It was a fun time, then came the hard bit of climbing the stairs, firstly up from the waters edge to the road (44 steps) then the next 39 up to the front door of the house Phew!!!! but  worth it.

Cool clear water.

This is how you do syncro.... your turn Nana

Think I will just swim aroung the dock again.

Thursday evening was Ladies kayaking night in the cove, so M, A and I joined the 70 or so ladies for a 2 hour paddle.   I have to  admit that  seeing all the kayaks together seemed a bit daunting and I do prefer going out in twos or threes, but once I got used to the crowds it was fine. 
A and I off to join the rest of the ladies.

You may need a magnifying glass for this pic.but A and M are on the left, and me off on my own (right)

On our last day we spent the morning wandering the cove and "people watching".  The aftenoon was spent packing and being greatful that we had the extra baggage allowance on our way home.  Friday evening we went to the first of Deep Cove's concerts, the group played folk and pop music, and were very good.

Enjoying the evening
What an evening!
What a beautiful place to live!

All good things have to come to an end, and this was our last glimpse of Canada.

Farewell to the Rockies
 Back home and trying to get to grips with the jet lag, but such great memories.

And for my next project!!!! another reminder of that fantastic shop in Victoria.


  1. Glad that you have had such a nice time Jo. I am sure your family are sad to see you leave but we are glad to have you back! Looking forward to seeing lots more photos. Oh! and I may have had a great idea for a little project for you? mmm?

  2. Your family will miss you but we will gain you. We have missed you. Pleased you had a good holiday. Hope to see you on Monday forget the washing Jo. Please bring your knitting project to show.

  3. What a beautiful country! You look like you've had a fab holiday.

  4. What a truely divine holiday you had Jo, You are a true trooper doing all those activities and so good to see D well and enjoying everything!!!

  5. It's been amazing Jo, you are so lucky to experience all that. Thanks for sharing all your photos! xxx

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Safe travels and chat when you get back home.....us next!!!! Yay!!!