Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wonderful few days

Wow we have had some new experiences. Firstly we travelled to Victoria on the sea plane....I just loved it. It was a little noisy, and you could smell the aviation fuel when we first got on, but we either got used to the smells or they faded as we travelled.

Ready steady Go!

The weather was not so good when we left Vancouver and only a little better once we arrived, but by the afternoon the clouds had broken up and the sun was peeping through. As the weather was not that great when we arrived we hit the shops that were on the'must visit' list that M had suggested. The first was a quilt shop,

Satin Moon Quilt shop

and I bought some bits that were on sale, the next was a shop selling buttons, knitting wool, and everything that went with sampler patterns. I'll show you what I bought...

I think the shope is called 'Button-up'... I wonder why

These are my treasures from 'Button-up'

Oppps!!! we had a second visit to the shop.....

Our legs were getting a bit tired and by the harbour a cute little water taxi was waiting for passengers, so we hopped on and had a trip along the gorge.

I am not the one getting the cuddle
 We wandered around more sight-seeing, then came across the horse and carriage rides and as we needed a bit of a rest what better way other than sitting back and letting the horse take us for a sight seeing trip around the town.....wonderful!
Lazy ride in the sun
There is a funny little Dutch coffee shop that sells scrummy cakes, so who could resist that....not me! I didn't take a picture of the cakes, you might just be jealous.

That was just the first day!

Day Two

We woke for our second day in Victoria to blue skies and sunshine. A trip to Chinatown was on the list today, and we both felt that although smaller than Vancouver's Chinatown, it was much better.

After a very healthy lunch of fresh fruit we found a nice park to sit in and watch the comings and goings around the harbour. Supper was at the Blue Crab restaurant which again gave us beautiful views of the harbour with the sea planes and ferries coming and going. Full after our sea food supper we walked back to the hotel to pack ready to leave tomorrow.

Our last breakfast on Victoria was a small affair, fruit and toast, scrummy! We caught a bus to Butchart Gardens which again gave us a tour of the city and a bit of the history behind the island and also the gardens. I cannot explain how stunning the gardens are, and the pics we took could never do it justice. It is certainly a 'must visit' on anyone's list.
We thought this looked good....

Then you turn the corner and this view almost takes your breath away

The lake was so still the reflextions are great

The whole garden is a wonderland.

After a wonderful day, we caught the ferry back to Vancouver where N met us. Lots to show and tell once back in the cove.

Seattle here we come! Our trip down included a stop at a shopping outlet where the younger 'L' family found lots of bargains. Supper treat was at the famous 'Elliot's. 'Crab-a-licous'

Is the bib needed???? 
 Saturday we went to the world famous Seattle market.  Have you ever seen flowers and fruit looking so good, the fish isn't bad either.

 Sweet Peas

Mixed bunches of flowers at give away prices

 O.K. this friut was covered in chocolate.
Have you ever seen larger Salmon???

Next the Seattle Needle, and as it was such a clear day the view was fab.

 Our last evening in Seattle was at 5 th Avenue Theatre to see Les Miserables.....I love that musical and the new backlighting and scenes in my mind are a Great improvement. Fantastic show! Sunday was a journey-home day, but M and I had a date at 'Joannes' so we left the others and had a head start. Joanne's was not a disappointment-lots to buy if only there was unlimited cash.


  1. Hi Jo.The photo's what can I say. How wonderful every things looks great.You sound as if you are having a good time.
    Have you got an extra suit case for your goodies to bring home if not you had better get one if you are going to Joanne's. Take care.

  2. Wow, looks like you are having a fantastic time!! I love those fresh flowers at the market, wish we could get them as beautiful here as I could do with some for some styling shots.

  3. So glad you had good weather for your visit to the States...especially since all there has been is rain for you back home!:) The girl has been complaining that the weather has been nothing short of terrible since we left!:)
    Now you need to come east and visit our shop!:)

  4. Well Jo, you are certainly packing a lot in to your visit. You will need a break when you get home!
    Looks like you are having a fabulous time. Stock up on plenty of cuddles before you head back.
    Missing you! x

  5. Well jo, looks like you are packing loads into your holiday. Those gardens look amazing!! Those flowers in the market look beautiful and those buttons are to die for!!! There will be lots for you to show us when you get back. Looks like your own "Show and Tell" day!!!
    looking forward to seeing you soon.xx