Monday, 3 September 2012


Yes, I know I have been 'absent without leave', but I do have a few excuses.

My niece (who is only 5 months younger than me) and her hubby came on a visit from Australia. Their granddaughter is in England working a gap year, so they thought they would introduce her to some of her English family.  So of course while they were with us, we did a bit of the local tourist haunts, and there was no time for sewing.

Outside Burghley House Stamford 

The other distraction for me has been the 'para' Olympics......... I so admire these athletes.  We are only half way through the program, and I think I have already used a couple of boxes of tissues with the joy and sometimes the heartbreak of these champions.

Back to sewing.   As you know I have been involved in a 'Round robin' group on flickr.  This month saw the last quilt top arrive, and it was one I had been dreading, as I didn't think I could add to the beauty.  I almost felt I should just send it on without adding any border but that was not part of the game, so, off I went to my favourite quilt shop here to buy some suitable fabrics, and get a bit of advice.

I added the half square triangles.  I didn't want to add another plain black border to separate the jungle fabric but knew it needed some solid break, and my 'friend came up with the triangles..... and I thought that was a winner.  This was posted off to Scotland on its last leg of its journey, and thankfully its owner liked it.   I now just have to wait for mine to arrive back from America.  I know it was posted last week, but it does have to cross that big pond.

I have also been given this to try, don't you just love it.  I was so excited to play with this, and decided to make two, one patchwork and also this one.

This is just the beginnings of the two jackets.   Bit of embroidery for the patchwork one, and the cream one will have some boyish things embroidered in the blocks...... I will keep you posted on these beauties.

Lastly I have been finishing off my mini quilt that is a 'swap' on flickr.

Add caption

The back with the label . 

 I have made a label that I think my partner will like, and makes it a bit special.

Both of the photos seemed to have flipped onto their side, I have no idea why or how to correct it.

So you see I have not been so ideal.  Hope to catch up with you all soon. Jo


  1. Well you obviously have been a busy girl so we will forgive you for your absence! I love your little owl quilt. Someone is going to be very lucky, Well Done!

  2. So good to have family and do the tourist thing . Remember Chatsworth ahhhhhhhh will never forget. The triangles finish the quilt off very well. Love your small quilt mmmmm lot of work.Your new project looks lovely!!!

  3. Oh Jo, I more than liked it! I LOVED it! And you did such a great job with your last round - really perfect!