Sunday, 16 June 2013

Busy doing nothing!!

I have had a weird week.  I can't seem to set my mind to doing anything really.  Think I must have lost my Umph! (or 'mojo' as I have heard it called).  It may be because I have finished all of my cushions that I had so much fun making and can't think of anything that I want to make.

We did have a trip to Ikea and I did buy some fabric to recover my dining room chairs.  We bought this furniture in 1991, and when we chose the chairs the manufacturer said we could choose the fabric for the cushion seats.  I couldn't find anything that I loved at the time, so I just chose some cotton fabric that 'would do' until I found the perfect fabric.  As you may have gathered I have never found that perfect fabric, and the temporary fabric has worked very well for us, but after 21 years the chairs needed a bit of a freshen up.  Once again I have chosen cotton, and as you will see it is very similar to my old temp. fabric but a lot cleaner and fresher.

after.  Much cleaner
As there is no sewing to show you, I thought I would take a wander around the garden and show you some of the wonders of nature.  I just love Aquilegia, the way the petals fold and curl, they are just beautiful.

If I look at the one on the left, I can  see four pink flamingoes dancing around in a circle

My Bearded Iris are making a great show, so glad I was patient with them and didn't dig them out for not performing - just wish the cream one had survived.
Three flowers on this stem and more to come.

When we first moved back to England we lived in Cumbria, and my 90 year old neighbour Annie had some sweet flowers growing in between the cobbles in her yard.  I don't think I had ever seen them before, but she assured me Nigella (love in the mist) would grow anywhere and everywhere. Dear Annie was so right.  I brought some seeds with me when we moved and scattered them in this garden and each year this little flower appears and brings happy memories of Annie back to visit me.

The flowers popping through the thread like foilage.

My local quilt shop is having a  'shop hop' with some interesting demonstrations.  I was able to pop over on Saturday where Helen Coverley was demonstrating 'yo yo's'.  You guessed it..... I bought yet another size yo yo, and pattern for a cushion (didn't really need the pattern but it did have a couple of cute bumble bee buttons attached!), so I might have a play with that during the week.

Happy sewing.  


  1. Chairs are looking good, Jo. I so enjoyed all the flower pix ... aquilegia is one of my favourites, I haven't seen nigellas for years, and the irises are beautiful - so much gorgeousness.

  2. Aquilegia and Nigella are 2 of my very favourites! Your irises are way ahead of mine, too. It's been far too cold for plants this spring.

  3. Chairs look good Jo, must have another go at mine tomorrow(giving my hands a couple of days rest!!) I see what you mean about the aquilegia....they are beautiful.

  4. Recover looks great as do the flowers...we have had so much mild weather we're still getting asparagus AND we just got our veggie seeds in the ground!

  5. It is amazing how those chairs freshen up isn't it? I have bought the fabric for mine ( was that...mmmm... 2 years ago?) but still not got round to it.. maybe should bump it up the list :-)

  6. Hi Your flowers are lovely So lucky to have Irises . Lucky to have chairs to cover!!!!!!! I* will say no more They look very good.I have bought two extra small pom pom makers!!!!!!!