Saturday, 8 June 2013

Doing my own thing!

Yep, I have been doing my own thing this week, altering patterns, making it up as I go along and trying my best to get things to work for me.

You may remember last time I showed you the smocked bauble..... well I have altered the pattern to make it smaller and in my opinion fit better on a Christmas tree... but of course as many of you said it could just hang around all year.

I have also made a crochet / sewing wallet.  This pattern is one of the  Moda Bake shop free patterns and I added a bit of smocking on it.  I think this one will work better for me than the roll type that I tested last time.
Bit of smocking 
I sewed the slots for crochet hooks, but you could just leave that section and have another large pocket.

Lastly, although I love the new phone wallet that I made, I decided I wanted  a pocket for some small change and a few more card holders, so 'making it up as I went' this is my finished phone wallet. 
Bit of fussy cutting to get the bird

Phone, paper money, lots of cards, and some small change
So all in all I was quite pleased with the changes I made this week.

Our gardens are beginning to blossom at last..  my Lilac tree has been a picture.

Such perfect little florets 
 and my Bearded Iris has decided to bloom again this year (remember I waited 6 years for the first flower) and there seems to be a lot more of these ready to burst forward.... just beautiful!
Photos never do justice 

Hope you have had a productive week......


  1. Cute, cute, cute! You have been busy!
    What is that fabric on the outside body of the crochet wallet? It almost looks like you glued something on there it's so real looking!:)

    Phone wallet is cute but I would miss a call if I had to get it out of there (I usually don't even hear it ring!)...I just try to make sure there is a pocket in my purse that is the phone's little home.

  2. I love the lilac and iris. and of course all your little projects

  3. What a busy week Jo ,love the new bauble but really like the smocked crochet hook case/sewing wallet. Phone wallet great pity we could not have more hours in a day.