Monday, 27 May 2013

Some things new

Well when I last wrote, I said I might have something different to show you and here it is...

Smocked ball
Yes, I am back to smocking.  This ball was a pattern in one Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine  and uses a 3" diameter ball.  Although it is very pretty I think I might make another, but will alter the pattern and use a smaller ball. That way I think it will look better as a Christmas decoration on a tree.  I had seen some nice sewing related fabric at my LQS so decided, while the pleater was out, that I might just pleat up some fabric and make a rollup sewing companion.  This was also inspired from the Australian smocking mags.

Has a zip pocket which could be handy.
 I am not sure I like this design much, so I might play around with the pattern and see where it takes me.  You will of course be the first to see it if it ever gets off the drawing board, but for now you can see the one 'I made earlier'.

I have now finished the last of my cushions, not sure what is going to keep me busy in the next few weeks but I am sure I will find something.

Last but not least.

 Just a bit of a parade of the finished cushions made over the past few weeks

and here they are all on my newly recovered sofa 

The cushions don't all live on this sofa ...but I like the look
My friend has had problems with her mobile phone, and she thinks it might be the protective case that is causing the problems.  As I have the same phone,  I decided to ditch my case and buy or make a new one.  My daughter had previously offered me a case for my phone from her stock (blossom creations), but at the time I didn't need it, so a quick skype call and with all the measurements taken I had to make my own.  There is room for  cards and some spare money so I think it might work for me  

would be nice if I could have found lime green elastic 

neat and tidy

We have just had a long weekend (Bank Holiday) and believe it or not we have also had sunshine.... let me tell you that doesn't often happen on Bank Holidays in U.K. so the garden has been tidied a little and is looking good.  I hope you all had a sunny weekend.


  1. Your smocked bauble is so pretty, Jo, too nice to keep just for Christmas.
    Can't decide which is my favourite cushion, they are all fabulous.

    Is it too late to put a rushed sleeve on the elastic ? Just saying -----

    I have had a lovely weekend, supervising rather than doing, but hey! It's going well xx

  2. Cushions really great but I do love smocking really taken with the bauble so pretty would have that on display, also the sewing roll.
    I need more practise before I could think of trying to attempt that lovely bauble. Well done.

  3. Hi Jo
    Love that ball. Your cushions are wow and a lot of hard work. Keep looking for that green elastic purse is stunning.Imagine that ball in red and gold for Xmas???? xxx

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  5. Oh I love your heart cushion Mum! Beautiful!