Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cushions Cushions and more cushions

We have had some very nice weather just recently, and I have spent some nice time in the garden. Its just amazing how quickly the flowers and trees have come into blossom with the warmth of the sun, but, by the same token the weeds have also shot up, so some time spent on my knees.  Our Hanging baskets and Hay baskets have now been planted up, but they will spend a few weeks in the little green house (well, little plastic house) to make sure they don't get caught in any late frost.  I am always amazed at how just a little bit of sunshine can give us hope that summer is on its way.  Today I am back in a jumper, so days of T shirts and toes out have gone for a while.

I have been busy with my cushion making, two completed and another half done.... want to see them???

I am going to show you anyway.... I found this one on Pinterest, and the pattern is here

Bright or what!

The other one completed is from Geta's book.  I am getting quite used to the free motion quilting bit even thought it does take me quite a few hours, but, cutting away that wadding is a real pain.... in more ways than one.

Can you see that mark on my thumb Ouch!
I must have spent longer cutting away the wadding than all of the hours of free motion quilting and making the cushion up, and I have a poorly sorely thumb to go with it.  I did reduce Geta's pattern, so that didn't make it any easier to cut into the tiny places.

Was it worth it?????? Yes it was.

This is my efforts for today... back to bright colours

Paper pieced,

All sewn, now to quilt
Making these cushions has given me the chance to make up some interesting blocks that I have wanted to try for a while.  If the weather is not so good tomorrow I will get this cushion finished and look to see how many more I need.


  1. Love the selection of cushions. When they are all done we need a catwalk photo!

    I have an empty house this weekend so am hoping for a bit of bad weather so I can attack my pile of things to sew! Good weather will see me sewing in the garden. B****r the new patio laying!

  2. You are seriously crazy with all that cutting away of batting!

    I think we have your rainy weather as it has now been raining for two straight days and we are expecting more! The grass needs some attention from the mower!:)

  3. Wow, I am loving the paper piecing in that star! And your fmq-ing is really superb. Hope the thumb gets better soon and that the sun comes back!

  4. the paper pieced and finished one!!! are they different fabrics or have you made two???