Monday, 29 April 2013

Too much time on my hands!!!!!

Just thought you might like to see my sewing room now it is completely finished and all my bits are back in place, well they are in 'a place' but that may be not the same place as before.  I was thinking of trying to rid myself of things collected over the years, mainly my teddy bears but most of them were sewn with friends and bring back some happy memories so a box in the loft didn't seem to be a very happy place for them.  After a bit of thought and a trip to Ikea new floating shelves were bought and the Teddies along with a few dolls have a new home, Yeah!  I gained a bit of extra shelving where my little beach huts now sit, and that has cleared some of my window sill.

Believe me it looks so much clearer than before
I also had a reshuffle of my quilts, and made room for a few more.

Some of mine and some swaps.

While I was at that famous blue and yellow shop/warehouse, I saw some nice clip kilner jars so had to have one of those for my small bits of ribbon. I also spied packs of small jars (only £1 for the 4). Having screw lids would be great for all those little bits we collect.  

Bit plain, but wait a bit.
I spent most of Saturday evening winding the odd bits of ribbon onto sticks to put into the big jar.

Surprising how long this took

Neat and tidy
Sunday evening was spent 'tarting up' the little jars.

Cute or what???
and this is how the whole little lot sit in my room.

Love those little crochet tops 
The question I am now asking myself - do I have 'too much time on my hands', probably yes, but its fun.


  1. Never will have too much time Jo. You will always find something to play with!

    Your lovely room looks so neat and I may steal the jar tidy idea ---- but no fancy tops for me - you know how slow I am at finishing :((

  2. Love what you've been up to and isn't it fabulous to have enough time on your hands to do these things. Well done!

  3. "tarting up"...Bwhahahaaaa!:)

    Room looks amazing...I am very jealous of all your lovely windows!

  4. Okay Jo your sewing romm is absolutely stunning Wow so fresh and clean!!

  5. Love the jars I am off tomorrow to get some sorry but will have to steel your idea, your sewing room looks great,Must have a clear up in mine before we could even think of painting.,But I will start tidy with the jars.

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