Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wonderful Saturday and more

Before I talk about my week I must make a comment about the Marathons that have taken place over the past couple of weekends.  My heart and prayers go out to those at the Boston Marathon, what monsters cause this sort of damage to innocent people...it beggars belief!.  The London marathon had good weather and a minutes silence as a mark of respect for Boston.  I am sure all of the competitors, no matter what time they came in at, deserve their medal. Congrats to all that took part.

As you may remember we had decided to redecorate.  We started on the kitchen, and repainted it green again, but this green has much more lime and makes the room so much brighter.  I showed you last week my efforts painting the ceiling in the lounge, and this week started on the walls. In our lounge we have the staircase leading upstairs, so once you start on the lounge walls you have to keep going all the way up to the landing. That's not too bad, but then you come to all of those pesky doors that need glossing........ but now Mr D has retired I thought he could have that pleasure.  Our bathroom was next on the list, but as it is fully tiled, there is only the ceiling that needed attention (well, plus the door, but that's not in my repertory) and Mr D offered to paint that few square feet of ceiling while I went out to play at sewing with my friends....... what a gem he is!  So now we have completed the kitchen, lounge, landing, and bathroom, only a few more rooms to go!

You can just see the green kitchen, the Lounge is Jade White, with  Water on the chimney breast wall 
Now all I have to do is get more nice bright cushions made for the lounge and it will be complete.  

Saturday started off with a frost covered lawn, but the weather men promised wall to wall sunshine, so Mr D and I decided on a bike ride, first of the year.  We have a disused rail track quite nearby and it has been turned into a walking/riding path between Northampton and Market Harborough.  We used to travel this path often, but haven't used it for (perhaps) a couple of years, so it was quite a nice change to ride a fairly flat pathway with the hedges trimmed back and the stinging nettles on the hedgerow not grown yet.

path almost to ourselves..made the most of it.

It truly was a wonderful day, blue blue skies and that big yellow sun was a treat.  We had a pit stop at Brampton Holt, where the pub sells very nice food, and my first Pimms of the year

who would believe we would be sitting outside to eat

That Pimms was wonderful
 Since the last time we cycled this path someone (not sure if its the friends of Brampton Valley Way, or the council) has built this cute little dry stone wall bridge over a stream.
before just a hump of soil covered the pipe. 
 I was also thrilled to see this little face showing itself in the grass........

Would you believe once we got home we sat in the garden lapping up the sun, and I was still sitting there at 6 pm.

I have spent today in my sewing room.  I have been creating.........more like creating a big mess in the room, but I do have this to show for it.

I started making the yacht

Then just kept adding the borders
Its not finished, so I will have something to show you next time ...hopefully!


  1. Sounds like you have had an idyllic weekend Jo. I've had a very lazy Sunday. Back to normal tomorrow! Love the little boats x

  2. Great colors lady! Love the boats too...you creating your own Jubilee Pagent?:)

  3. Weather good for your decorating and bike ride,Pimms looked good I am sure you enjoyed them you will have to repeat the trip. Think you boats look great.

  4. Love the room Jo, the cushions look great! glad the boats turned out , looks like its going to be a cute quilt.

  5. Your day in the sunshine sounds blissful!