Sunday, 7 April 2013

What a weekend!!!!

We have woken both on Saturday and Sunday to frost covering everything but within a few hours the white stuff had gone and the sun was shining....wonderful!

Saturday was spent washing, hanging clothes outside (nothing quite beats the smell of clothes dried outside) ironing and gardening... what more could you ask for.  It always amazes me that just a little sunshine can give your spirits such a great lift, and it was great to feel the warmth of the sun...... don't lets go mad and say it was warm, but definitely warmer than it has been.

Sunny little group

Picture of Spring

We just need the Pansy's to show their faces now.

Sunday was a very similar day, but no washing for me, I had a date with my sewing machine.  Mr. D spent his time in the garden, and I must say its nice to see the lawn with a haircut, edges neat and  tidy and the flower beds turned over with the hoe.

We even had a treat when a friend invited us for supper, what a great evening we had and so unexpected.  I had intended to make a glasses case to add to the birthday gift for this friend, and had kept putting it off, so had to get this sewn quickly.

Not sure the magnetic catch was perfect, but it works

Sunday found me in my sunny sewing room playing with this ......well not exactly that pattern as I have her book. I started to sew organza onto the batting on Thursday,  and I have learnt quite a lot. Firstly,  if you fill a bobbin with water soluble thread DON'T forget to put it in the machine...yes, the centre flower was stitched with water soluble thread on the top and ordinary cotton thread in the bobbin...not too much of a train smash, but obviously better if both are water soluble. 

batting cut away
It took a while to cut away all the batting, and I now see that maybe even more patience is needed for the job

Pinned to my fabric, batting and backing ready to sew

This is where you have to remember to remove that water soluble thread...... can you imagine going over this lot only to find with the first wash it all falls apart...Boo Hoo!  Then a blood, sweat and tears moment.... o.k. just blood but cold water to the rescue and that soon disappeared. Phew!

Quite dense quilting 

Just the binding to finish and a new cushion cover will be born
Hope I remember the lessons learnt,  and look forward to making another.


  1. I so enjoyed your photos of Spring! Your eye glass case is beautiful - love that fabric!

  2. Well done on the glasses case Mum!

  3. Wow! cushion cover has turned out well,Jo.

  4. Love your shadow trapunto little quilt, Jo. The fabric used under organza is so bright and the contrast with the trapunto design just beautiful.