Sunday, 14 April 2013

No new sewing...but

No new sewing today, just some finishing off.

I did reduce the patten size and am very happy with it.
Finished size 24" x 24"
Also got on with these...

Decided to straight line quilt this one

My first go at Trapunto Quilting
Look good together don't they?

Now I have the new look cushions, I need a new look room to go with them.  I started on the ceiling, while Mr D crawled around the floor painting the skirting, not sure who 'won' with the choices,  I had to keep climbing up and down, while he had to keep getting down then up again....... poor knees!

Out with the cream and green... not absolutely sure what is coming in though
I do make a bit of a mess, but only on me..... thank goodness for dust sheets that turn into paint sheets.

These are ready to receive a nice cup of tea...please

So much pleasure from bright cheerful flowers.

Touch of Spring..... and we even have sun
 When I lived in South Africa, I and my friends did quite a bit of embroidery, which always seemed to include the flower 'Forget-me-not'.  I think we always included them because the blue colour would almost always give a lift to the finished piece.  I now have Forget-me-nots growing in my garden, and each time they come into flower it reminds me of happy hours with friends, so the flowers are rightly named.  Today I spied the beginnings of a new season of ....the cute little flowers

Just two, but look at the buds of ones to come.
Now, I might be busy with a paint brush, so my sewing might just have to be put on the 'back burner' for a week or so.


  1. Such a busy lady!! The hexagons are quilted beautifully. Have been out enjoying the sunshine myself today! x

  2. Trapunto...gotta go google that!:)
    Your projects are brilliant and I can't wait to see what color you paint the room....which room is it?
    Hubby and I are pooped from wrestling with honeysuckle and transplanting tons of stuff...I'm all scraped up!

  3. I love the cushions ! The way you have quilted the heart looks really good!

  4. Love your cushions. Have fun with the painting.