Wednesday, 3 April 2013

No Sewing blog

Well, did you all have a good Easter?  I certainly did.

My daughter 'S', son-in-law 'P', and their three children came to visit.  This did mean I had to tidy my sewing room (its used as an extra bedroom) but it was well worth it on all counts, firstly my eldest grandson can have a lie in, and I do get to see my sewing room floor for a few days.
We spent Good  Friday lunch with more family members, and that was wonderful as we don't get together with extended family as often as we should.

Bad lighting for the photo, and we were never going to get all 13 in.

Easter Saturday was movie time for the kids, P and Mr D while S and I went off to the sale at my Local Quilt Shop.  Neither S nor I were looking for fabric, but it was nice to catch up with some friendly quilter's that were 'helping out' with the sales rush.  S and I then went off for quite time i.e. coffee, cake and chats.
Easter Sunday was a dry day, and probably the best day of the weekend, so we all went off to Irchester Country Park where they have, amongst other things a jungle parc and that is a hit with the young ones.  We as a family have all had a go at the ropes etc. but for Mr D. S and me it was just too cold, so we watched them go off, had a few laughs at the antics, then called into the coffee shop for a warm.

Those ropes should not be wrapped around your legs 

Stop laughing or you will turn upside down
For the last two days we have seen that big yellow ball that sometimes appears in the sky (I think its called the sun), but the wind is still bitterly cold so we still have some remnants of snow in the gardens and fields.  The weatherman has said that possibly next week we might see temperatures rise a little, so that is something to look forward to.

Last but by no means least I can show you this.....

Tah Dah!!!!

Yes, I have finished the jacket.  Don't ask me to repeat it or even tell you how I got there because this pattern was a 'suck it and see'.  My friend in S.A. goes to a crochet group, and quite a few of them decided to follow Little woollies  'blanket crochet along', but one lady wanted to use the rows to make a jacket for a grandchild and I thought that was a wonderful idea, so once home decided to play myself. I didn't plan the rows, maybe that was a mistake, and I really didn't know how to shape the neck or increase for the sleeves, but it all seems to have worked out.   I do think it is rather cute, but will it ever be worn.......we will wait and see.  Tomorrow it gets packed up and sent off ready for winter wear.

Hope to show some sewing next time.


  1. Looks like your family had a fun time at Irchester! We went to the seaside but NO paddling for me !!
    That little cardi is so pretty. Well done Jo x

  2. Your crocheted jacket is absolutely gorgeous - well done!!!!

  3. Awesome that you were able to spend the weekend with so many loved ones!
    The wee sweater is brilliant! So fun and colorful!!

  4. Love seeing all the family together lucky lucky Jo the jacket is so beautiful well done!!

  5. thanks for share....