Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cushion - finished, Quilt- finished, room- finished Yeah!

Great, finished another cushion for my 'new look' room, just another 5 to go.  I have been spending time looking at 'Pinterest', and have found some nice blocks that I will attempt to make into cushions, and this is the first, not the first cushion just the first from Pinterest.

block completed and quilted

Bit bright, but that's the look I want... 

I have also made a baby quilt.  As I don't really know the family I have just made a quilt that I think a little boy would love to drag around the floor.  For this quilt I found the idea of yachts on the Pinterest site (I am a bit addicted).  I planned the yachts, then just kept adding blocks of colour. The backing was also pieced with different size pieces.  This was another first for me, I usually have a plan of what I want to do, then get on and make it.  Nothing was planned but I really was happy with the final result.

I am very happy with this

Love the back too

You know that we have been decorating rooms, and the sewing/office room was next on the list.  The worst thing about this room is all the 'stuff' I collect needs to be boxed up and stored until the painting has been done.  I think it must have taken almost as long to clear the room as it did to paint.

Room before painting...

Voilà! This is how it looks now.

Bright isn't it ???
Now I have the job of putting everything back...Phew! that also might take some time. Now I have to find that special place for my bits, and where I will be able to find them again.

I think we have been in the doldrums with the weather for so long, that I needed my rooms to be bright and cheerful and they are certainly all bright.

Before I forget, I must show you this miniature quilt.  I have shown you it before, but now I have finished the binding, and I am really pleased with how narrow that looks. There are 198 blocks in this little darling, and yes, I must be mad.

See you next time. 


  1. Holy Moley....is that mini really just 8 inches wide?!!! I don't know if I have the finger dexterity to pick up pieces that small much less sew them together!:)

    Everything is looking amazing!

  2. wow Jo, cant believe your sewing room come office, that s different for you isnt it?? love the cushion, that fabric really does look good and of course the mini quilt is great (have managed to get some fine fabric so .........)

  3. Love all the colour you're using.

  4. Not mad, but..........

    Love the green !

  5. Bren (Australia)29 May 2013 at 01:27

    Jo just love the colour of your Sewing/Office room, so different than when we sat in it. So much time on your hands obviously. Your Craftwork is amazing and I just had a good viewing session, Thanks. Well done to the clever one of the family !!!! I will keep dreaming.