Thursday, 28 March 2013

Odds and Ends,

Just a couple of things to show you before my daughter and family descend on us for Easter.

At Highampiecemakers,  the sewing group I go to, we were give a challenge back in December and it had to be finished by the end of March.   We all picked out (blind) a paint sample from an envelope with our initials on it. Three samples using your three initials (or two initials and your maiden name initial if your parents could only decide on one name!)  Mine was J.C.L. so I picked my three samples, - 'Jungle Fever, Cappuccino Candy and Lemon Chiffon'.  The Challenge was to make an item using the three random colours, but  you could add two more colours - plain or tone on tone.  I got sewing back in January, and took photos of the progress but could not blog about it as we were all supposed to be keeping our items secret.   I forgot to take more photos of the finished block  (!!!), but I can show you the start of my block and maybe when I get it back I can show you the finished item..

My paint samples

Not bad colour matching.

How many times do you make something, and really not enjoy the journey? Luckily this doesn't happen to me often but, I decided to make a satchel from a book called 'A bag for all Seasons'.  I have to say when I first thought about the bag I did have a granddaughter in mind, but after just sewing a couple of seams I realised that this bag was going to stay with me just so I could award myself gold stars for completing it, and complete it I have done.  I do like it now its finished, but swear I will never make another bag...........well that's until I see the next must have pattern.

I love the side release buckles 

The bag is called 'too cool for school' but maybe should be 'too old for school' 

 For Christmas my sister asked my friend, who owns Poppy patch to make up a gift bag of goodies from the shop.  I had lots of great things in the bag and many of them I never would have bought myself and what fun I have had playing.  One of the gifts was a C.D. called 'Triangulations' and I started to play before my holiday and since being home I have carried on with it.  I just loved this project.

Just 1" square

just need to get the binding done now
and before I disappear for Easter I will show you my progress with that crochet jacket.

Back and front finished.
the sleeves I am attempting to work together because I am making the pattern up as I go, so any increasing of stitches need to be worked on both sleeves ..... after all who wants odd sleeves.
Looks allright so far
And last but not least these are for some little people we will be seeing over the weekend

Filled with mini eggs.
Happy Easter to you all.


  1. You've been busy with some lovely things! I'm envious of the satchel...and very impressed with the paint samples :-)

  2. Everything is so lovely .... you're a busy gal. Clever idea to pick paint chips and create from there. Happy Easter

  3. I love your satchel bag Jo. Could be tempted to make one despite your reservations. Think the miniature is cute, you do have good service from your LQS!! ;)))

  4. WhaaaaT?!! One inch squares! You are a crazy and patient woman!!:) All of your projects are lovely...you have been very busy!

  5. you've sewn some great things there Jo!! Love the little mini quilt and the bag.

  6. Happy Easter Jo and enjoy your little people. Really lovely work you have been very busy.
    What's your next project can not wait to see,