Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last weeks in South Africa

We had planned a beach holiday in Paternoster for our last few days in South Africa.  Now the last time we were in Paternoster was when we lived in Cape Town, and Paternoster (always famous for its fishermen) was a sleepy fishing village with just a few fishermen's cottages along the beach, Oh, how that has changed.  The town which consists of perhaps two shops is much the same, but the few fishermen.s cottages are now surrounded by new developments of beautiful white stucco holiday homes (and maybe a few with full time residents).  Its nice to see the houses are all in keeping with the 'old Paternoster'.

Our home for the hols.

Full Moon over Paternoster
Top of my wish list was a crayfish supper, and the fishermen didn't let us down.  As soon as we arrived in town, the fishermen were standing on street corners with some of the days catch in carrier bags for sale.  Our son-in-law 'A' is a dab hand in the kitchen, so he was left alone to prepare supper, and what a feast we had.... crayfish pasta, crayfish braai (BBQ) crayfish straight from the pot and of course salad etc.

Where do we start??

Day one and we are off to the beach.... sandcastle first on the list, but you can't go to the beach without building your own sand boat.

Beautiful blue skies and a beach to ourselves

Other days meant bubbles in the wind, chilly paddles (tooooooooo cold to swim, it is the Atlantic not the Indian Ocean you know), walks with baby and generally having a good time.

Gotta catch those bubbles.
Too chilly.

OK now our bums are wet, shall we jump the waves??
Maybe not..
See you later..

We are off

Our days in Paternoster soon came to and end, but before we left we had to visit the fishermen again, and if I had to cook the live crustaceans then those 'scaredy-cats' had to hold one.  What a laugh that was...

Brave Issy was the first to say hallo to Mr C.

Even I could hear her heart beating with fear..

Not quite ready for this

but he made it in the end.

Time for Mr D to reflect on the holiday, and what a wonderful time we had.

Holiday over, back to normality.


  1. The photos are quite fabulous Jo. Even the one with Mr D looking like he may be trying to justify an extra few weeks? Supper looks good too mmmm!

  2. Hmmm....what a wonderful time we had. Wish we were still there!