Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Durban here we come

Our trip to Kwa Zulu Natal was delayed by a couple of days, but as a consolation we gained an extra day with V and M.

We flew into the new King Sharka International airport which meant we flew above the wonderful sugar cane farms and that took me back to the time when I used to travel out to a sugar farm to teach smocking.  The sugar cane floats in the breeze and changes colour from vibrant green to a silvery grey, really beautiful in my mind.

The day we arrived, clouds had built up and rain fell overnight. Now that is not such a bad thing in Durban as it does cool the air. On Saturday morning we decided to drive up to the Valley of the Thousand Hills (just up the road from our old house) where it is not so humid, but I don't think we really needed to worry about that as it rained and rained!

Bit waterlogged
Rain never seems so bad when the temperature is around 25deg. in fact its rather nice.  We stopped for lunch at a place we used to take visitors, now as a visitor ourselves the view is just as spectacular even in the mist and rain.

Cameras could never do justice to this view

You can't come to Durb's with out a trip to the sea, and we chose to walk along the beach at Umhlanga.  That water was so tempting I just had to have a play in the waves.......no point trying to swim as the waves and current are so strong, but its a great place to play.


Durban was our time for rest and relaxation, so Mr D and Mr M had some dates to play golf, while V and I should have been sitting on the stoop sewing and crocheting watching the Weaver birds and others feeding close by and appreciating the garden.

Those banana's were just not ready for us to eat!

It all started to our plan, then V mentioned that she wanted to make Easter baskets for her grandchildren that would be visiting for Easter.  Now I am not saying that everything she has I must have, but should my grandchildren miss out on some pretty little baskets....OH NO!  The embroidery machine worked like a 'trojan' as we now needed to make 4 baskets.....  each motif takes about 35 to 40 mins to embroider, so plenty of time spent in the sewing room.

Got to admit they were worth the time spent,,, too cute!

Time in Durban soon ran out, but I had met up with another dear friend and we had a trip out to a store that sells fabric, chatted, lunched and generally had a good time.

I have to ask why do we do this to ourselves....

 we all know the limitations of luggage when travelling by air, but still have to buy that extra little bit.... now I need a big bottom to sit on this!! (oops I already have one of those).. .

Paternoster (west coast of Cape Province) is the next port of call.....


  1. I'm enjoying your travelogue.

  2. The place looks idyllic, and I wouldn't mind the rain there either, and the sea--- I wish. Your little baskets were so worth the poor machines effort!

  3. The Easter Baskets are great Jo wish I was a child. The photos are really great I bet you did not want to come back. Waiting for the next photo's to come.