Thursday, 7 March 2013

Jolly holidays

After leaving a grey England, it was wonderful to see the bright blue skies of Cape Town, and to see our two grandchildren running to meet us made the long journey worth it.
Look who also made the journey?........ he did have a minor accident on the way, but repairs are in hand.
He will be a good friend to Moosie.
 I did try to remove his shoes before he left, but you know what these men are like....he was stuck like glue to them.  Oh, maybe that's why they wouldn't come off, well that and the screws and nails.

The "littlies" had a few things planned for us, and one of the most important was a trip to 'build a bear'.  Bears chosen, stuffed and dressed, what a lot of deliberation on which clothes to buy and wear, but we got there in the end, and everyone looked very pleased with themselves.  'Cutie' the white bear and 'Jack' the rabbit were born.

Stuffed, hearts in place, dressed and housed...perfect!
We then had trips out to Butterfly World and a picnic in Green Point Park.

Green Point Park has some work out area's for the "yummy" Mummies and Daddies, so we had to try them out!

What a place to exercise!!
we did allow the kids to play after we had worn ourselves out!

Love those swings.

Table Mountain had kept its table cloth on for our first few days in Cape Town, so at the first clear day we had a date to take the children up the mountain (first time visit for them), and a possible abseil for Mr D and I....

After a bit of training, we stepped over the edge...literally!

OK this bit of string is really strong...don't worry!
Over you go!....just a short climb down to the man with the thicker rope..

Its a long way down...
No turning back now..

Are you ready....
High Five for the photo shot....

Down we go!    Whoop Whoop!!!
If ever you are in Cape Town and want a thrill, this is it.  There was just one snag.... once down we then had to climb back to the top.  The young guy at the top told us a 25 minute walk...... it actually took us a very exhausting 50 mins on a hot day with no water and from what we heard it was similar for other people, so be warned!!  As our reward we both got one of these....

That's another tick on our 'bucket' list.

Next time I will take you on a short trip to KwaZulu Natal.


  1. It's lovely to have you back Jo. Your beautiful grandchildren - no wonder you were so looking forward to going away (nothing to do with the weather?) Welcome Home xxx

  2. Glad to have you back safely Mr.&Mrs. D. The mister looked a bit uncomfortable with that harness on!! I'm sure you both had a great time.

  3. Woot! Jo's back in town!!:) Thought of you with all that happening down in SA!

  4. Wonderful memories!!!! XX