Friday, 1 February 2013

Last minute Sewing

On Monday I went to my sewing/ quilting group, where we had someone come to give a workshop called 'Lavender Hearts'..... yes, you guessed it we made hearts filled with lavender and finally stuffed.   They were quite quick to make so I thought I would make a couple as gifts for friends that I hope to see soon.  Actually I think I could get carried away and make many of these as they will use up some of that scrap "stash" we all seem to accumulate and they are rather pretty.  

Pretty gifts

The other things I have been busying myself with are these.......

again these are quick to make and everyone can use another little bag can't they?

Can you guess what these are......

Yes, they are covers for an armchair.  I started these before Christmas, but sort of lost my way and found other more interesting things to make, but these did have to be finished before I left for my 'hols' as they are a birthday gift.

The arms on this sofa are a bit bigger than the chair they are made for

Now, do you want to see a real beauty?....well, I am going to show you anyway

Yes, my Amaryllis did flower for me,

So I have had the beauty of it all week, who could ask for more.

Off on my holiday on Sunday, so I am not sure when I will be back to this blog as I think the grandchildren have things planned for us, but if I do get a chance I will try to show you a little of South Africa.  Au revoir.


  1. Jo, have a wonderful vacation! All of your projects are delightful .... the lavender hearts are my favourite.

  2. What pretty little hearts, knew that you would go into production!!

    Your flower is stunning, you must have been good to it.(I, however, am no where near so kind as mine is still hiding in the tightest of buds!!)

    Bon Voyage xxx

  3. Safe and fun journey to you my friend!!

    Lavender hearts and wee little pouches are fab and aren't you getting to be a pro with that free motion quilting?!:)

  4. Oooo I am so lucky I own a Heart and a lovely bag. Lucky me . We have had the most wonderful holiday Thank you Jo and Denis